11/17 - Romancing The Stones - Proxy Vintage (Austin, TX)

  • It's November, so there's one Vintage event on everyone's minds . . . Romancing The Stones 8! This is our last regular event of the season, so come clinch the final spot in our year-end invitational. Or just drink beer and cast busted cards, that's fine too.

    Location: 4th Tap Brewing (10615 Metric Blvd)
    Entry Fee: $10
    Registration: 12:30 registration, with an 1:00 start time
    Payout: 100% of entry fees go to the top Top 4; high-end playmat and invite to year-end championship for 1st Place
    Proxy limit: Unlimited proxy
    Proxy rules: While we love real cards and beautifully-rendered proxies, it’s more important to us that you’re just here and playing. As such, we’re not instituting any proxy rules or guidelines.
    Decklists: We will be collecting decklists to post online after the event.

    Wanna know what the competition looks like? Check out the lists from our past events here.

  • ooooohhhh..... Dack is staring into my soul with those dreamy eyes of his.... he can steal my artifacts anytime 😉

    I love the artwork you guys take the time to put together on these!

  • Vintage in Austin? Fantastic, I should be able to compete. Is there registration in advance or do I just show up day-of?

  • Cheers @mugginsman! All credit goes to fellow tournament organizer Brian Tweedy - he makes all of our posters, and I think they’re a large part of why this series has been successful.

    @evouga Nope, show up that morning and register! We’ll have deck reg sheets available, though doing one in advance is helpful ☺ Where are you coming in from?

  • @stuart I'm an Austin local.

  • And here we are with the first-place playmat! This one's for all you Staxxxy motherfuckers: