The Eternal Weekend NA 2018 Thread

First onsite trials just kicked off at 1pm. Post your bad beats, good beats or no beats stories here. I'm hitting the 3pm trial and if I scrub hard I'll play the early evening one.

Best of luck to all mana drainers not playing dredge or oath!

Does anyone know when Vintage will begin its stream? Will it be on the CardTitan twitch channel?

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Any chance we can merge these threads?

Also, leaving for my flight in like an hour. See yall bright and early. Apologies in advance for the coffee breath.

Good Luck and Have Fun Everyone!!!

Does anyone have a Volcanic Island i could borrow? I have collateral and pretty well-known and trusted in various Facebook trade groups. (

Last minute complete deck overhaul... What's the worst that could happen?

Fuckin' facists at work blocking Twitch

3-4 drop 😞

Managorger xerox.

Dredge everywhere

Finally get to tune in and the first thing I hear is

Randy: Well if he casts that jace, he loses the ability to force of will
Mike: he's at 1 so that's not really an option
Randy: oh yea good point

Never change, Magic coverage.

I tune in and the first thing I watch is GRVs after GRVs. 😕

@tittliewinks22 Is your stuff japanese foil?

And maybe someone wants to lend/sell/trade me 1 or 2 Niv Mizzets for tomorrow?

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@hrishi Especially the round 10 one... Coval was dead on board, and had no way to resolve a spell given the gamestate.

It left a bitter taste in a lot of viewers mouths, but rules are rules.

@jostin123 Judge did the correct thing. 3 GRV in a single game...

Top 8 lists posted! Looks like a good mix.

@jostin123 Rules are rules... But when it's not fair ... it's not fair.
I was watching, and as everybody i saw Coval had 0% chance to win that game ... outside a "rule violation" as it is named. I just hope that guy will loose in quarter as he shouldn't be in the top 8. That said, i know in that type of tounament, you NEED luck to be in the top 8. I can't beleive any reasonnable player can beleive he will succeed in such a tournament based only on his (or her ...) personnal skills. I can understand that Coval called the judges, that was "legal", but that's the point where you can see this is not just a game at that point. He had lost that game, but his tired opponent discaded a card a few seconds too late. Some will say "rules are rules", but that's just no the way i imagine playing magic.

Big-up for Brian Kelly who finished #17 with 8-2 after a 3-2 in the rounds 1 to 5. He is a great and nice player !

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