WotC seem to be wasting a lot of reprint equity with this set, and Iโ€™m wondering why they have decided they need to do so now, in the last quarter of the fiscal year. None of the reasons I can think of say particularly good things about the current health of the game.

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Maybe whatever ails them might soon spur them to reprint reserved list cards? One can only hope. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The list of cards being reprinted is unusually good. The flavor text on some of these cards is kind of funny too. Demonic Tutor reads: "Beware the generosity of demons." Beware getting whatever you want for 1B with no downside?

Why not just be happy? Dont worry... be happy.

@led i will always fow a demonic tutor... always
People saying.... but it was a better play to fow what they tutor for make me laugh.... just FOW THE DAMN TUTOR

After the negative feedback Wizards got from some of their Iconic Master and Masters 25 they really figured out the correct reprints to include (so far). Iโ€™m most excited for the approach they take to commons and uncommons since they seem to be willing to snub white at mythic and therefore take some balance risks. This is how a luxury product should be implemented.

Considering how much flack WotC has been getting for card quality, the least they could have done was check to make sure the preview card they would show on camera wasn't warped. You had one job Wizards.

@dstinct Didn't you know that WotC are campaigning for steel-backed ultra-hard inner sleeves? What they do is informed by sound market research.

Because a magic deck looking like explosives in an airport scanner isnโ€™t enough. It needs to be metal as well.

@benjamin_berry said in Ultimate Masters:

Because a magic deck looking like explosives in an airport scanner isnโ€™t enough. It needs to be metal as well.

Hell, it might actually help. My xray-opaque metal water bottles never get mentioned but the cards always do. Maybe I'll wrap my decks in aluminium foil next time... ๐Ÿค”

Since wotc have gone back on every single promise they've made over the years, except one, maybe this is a sign that it's getting closer to abolishing the reserved list ๐Ÿ™‚
Honestly, the number of people that would be happy without the RL would vastly exceed the number of people that still want it in place.
The whole reason for Master sets and Masterpieces were to satisfy the players wanting more reprints. Obviously selling more product along the way.
They proved, not explicitly, that original printings of cards can retain higher value over newer printings, save foil versions. Especially in the long run.
At least from My observations.

My two cents.

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