Proxy vintage around Pittsburgh,PA area

Hello all!

I was wondering if there are places around Pittsburgh that have proxy vintage events?

Thank you

@popedeuce37 not that I'm aware of. We did play a sanctioned vintage event at Mr. Nice Guys in October. There is a smaller group of us a little over an hour east of pittsburgh that has started playing about once a month and allow proxies. How many in your group and what area of pittsburgh? Also, if u do find any tournaments please let me know and well try to get there.

If you are willing to drive a bit, we have monthly proxy events at Deal Me In Games, but that is about 4 hours from Pittsburgh near Reading, pa. Occasionally a group from the Pittsburgh area shows up. Next event will be Sunday dec 9th. I'll have a post up soon.

@ebgmtg I’m a little north of Pittsburgh. I played unpowered at ew, and wanna play the format more. I’ve been looking for proxy vintage, but no luck so far. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Cleveland area has semi regular proxy events.

@khahan how many do u typically get for the events?

@popedeuce37 u could play unpowered eldrazi next time nice guys hold a sanctioned event. Also if I hear of any proxy events i can let u know. Please do the same if u hear of any.

@ebgmtg if I hear anything I’ll let you know. When does nice guys do vintage events ?

@popedeuce37 they didnt have anything setup on a recurring basis. The one in oct was prep before EW. There was interest in doing something more regular thou. I'll be checking back after the holidays and if they get something scheduled I can let u know.

@ebgmtg said in Proxy vintage around Pittsburgh,PA area:

@khahan how many do u typically get for the events?

It does vary a good bit. At our worst we are 12-15. At our best we are 24-28. We pull a lot of players from Eastern Pa, up and down Jersey and NYC.

@popedeuce37 which part of Pittsburgh are you generally from? i.e North, South, East, West? Me and a buddy have fully powered Vintage but we don't bring it out as we are typically playing old school or legacy most FNMs. I talked to Ron (Mr. Nice Guy) at EW as well, and he said if we could guarantee the 8 players more often, he'd consider doing Vintage at least quarterly again. I haven't had a chance to talk to him since then but plan on stopping out soon. He is strictly sanctioned but I wouldn't mind doing proxy stuff somewhere else if needed.

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Disregard my directional question, I saw you just said North of Pgh. We typically play at Legions in the North Hills if you ever want to jam some vintage. Just give us a couple weeks to make sure the vintage guys are there.

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