Saturday 5/14 - Vacaville - Vintage 15 proxy $35

  • " I'm waiting for it to come back from our guy who does the FB banners and graphics but the details are
    5/14 vintage 15 proxies $35 entry noon start time 90% in prize pool paid in cash, at 34 the prize will change to a mox pearl and cash. the break down will be.
    1st mox, 2nd $200, 3rd/4th $100, 5-8th $50. And $32 added per player after 34 to the prize pool"-EJ
    This copy/pasted from or NorCal Vintage Scene FB page. Increased entry fee is due to the fact that they have a POX PEARL(+ cash) they can put up for prize if there are 34 or more players (possible), and if less that 34, then usual 90% payout in prizes.
    Forgotten Path Games
    850 Alamo Dr, Vacaville, California 95688
    (707) 474-9834

    Details may change, I'm just putting this out there for our non-facebook players.

  • TMD Supporter

    Giving this a bump, and confirming that I plan to be there. Hope others in NorCal will turn out for this!

  • I will also be there, with two other players. We're driving up from SF.

  • How about it @Smmenen? ^_^

  • BC, myself, and one other are planning to come out for this one.

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