So where does paper Vintage still exist?

Monthly at Deal Me In Games in Boyertown, Pa (South eastern). We did used to have monthly every weekend w/ 2 hours of NY/NJ/PA tri-state area but some of the stores were getting double booked by other stores wanting to jump in and a handful of them saw attendance drop to the point where it wasn't sustainable for them. I dont think we have it every single weekend now, but still in any given month could easily see 2-3 weekends filled with paper vintage.

We had a good thing going in Metro Detroit, but the attendance at RIW Hobbies has died down since Shaman Ben has turned his attention to Old School. I am hoping that we can revive it again soon.

This correlates to my post about Old School killing paper Vintage. The older crowd wants more Old School and the younger crowd is not super into Vintage in paper. Some will play it, when it is available but they do not seek it out.

I plan on attending more events in Ohio once my son is old enough for me venture out again. The Team Serious scene is very strong and they get a decent turnout.

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What's the schedule like on the events over there. After the weather clears I'd be game for the road trip for Vintage.

Madness Comics and Games in Denton, TX has proxu vintage about every quarter (usually the week after set release). They also ran 4 EW vintage trials last season.

@winterstar Where are you at? If you're anywhere near Olympia i'd love to drag you towards there for some casual games.

Their schedule, as far as i can tell, is just 1 Friday a month they run a Vintage FNM event. December won't have one, and January's is the 11th. Starts at 7pm.

@aeonsovarius I'm over in Spokane. I used to run a vintage league out here, but school and work began to destroy my free time.

@moorebrother1 New Shaman Ben Event at RIW is posted for the 13th. Same day as TSO in Sandusky, but good news for the RIW crew! Not sure there is a TMD thread, but this is the FB event: @Shaman-Ben

@cleverpseudonym Thanks for letting me know. I'm still on baby lock down but my brother will probably go.

I think the RIW events will be coming back now, and I will be trying to make it some of the Cleveland events too this year. Looks like a good year for playing Vintage!

We had 19 in Edmond, OK at Storm Brew Games this weekend (was very surprised by the turnout, to be honest). Plans are to schedule events every other month.

We have monthly-ish events in ohio spread between Cleveland (berea), Sandusky, and Columbus, with Team Serious. They are infinite proxy and I would say we have been averaging over 16 for the past couple.

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