What is everyone's profession?

  • I figure this would be sort of a fun topic. We all know vintage is expensive so we all must have some way to fund our very expensive hobby. What is everyone's profession? I know there are a lot of lawyers here. For me, i'm in medicine.

  • Computer Game Designer here :-)

  • Insurance agent

  • I work in a fast food joint.
    Most of my mtg loot was obtained before I considered it expensive. Nowadays I trade/sell what I have for new cards. Mostly buy/sell on eBay to scratch the itch.
    Just today, I traded away type2 bulk rares and uncommons for 12 BFZ packs and the first two packs I crack are a Prairie Stream and a Scalding Tarn Expedition. I'm considering just selling or trading away the other 10 packs. Not sure yet.

  • I am a political science special researcher (in Finland which means state employed and kind of low pay). I only play vintage on Mtgo, could never afford it otherwise.

  • TMD Supporter

    Mechanical Designer Engineer here. I started magic because I bought a shoes box for less than 100$ (years and years ego) with somethings like 8-10 dual lands. From there, I just fall into Legacy, and more recently into Vintage after a very good deal for a Black Lotus, Ancestrall Recall and Mox Saphire. I'm currently acquiring the rest of the power by selling some cards, mainly "Foil staple" that I lucky got from boosters ;)

  • Professor. I do research on computer graphics (physical simulation and geometry processing in particular: think cloth and hair special effects, algorithms for scanning people in 3D using a Kinect, etc).

  • Computer engineer here. Currently working for a big pharma enterprise, in the diagnostics machines department.

    Not rich by any means, but got my power when it was half the price and I don't have kids or other costly expenses.

  • TMD Supporter

    Software localization Project manager.

  • Doctoral student in Biostatistics. I fund my hobby with lots of thank yous.

  • TMD Supporter

    Former Math and Computer Science high school teacher, now Software Developer.

  • Getaway Driver

  • Implementation Consultant for GE.

  • Also, contemplating going back to Bouncing on the side for some extra cash. I stopped after getting knifed in 2009.

  • Studied Mechanical Engineering. Currently a Design Engineer for Honda.

  • TMD Supporter

    Registered Nurse. 6 years infectious disease, 1.5 years HIV research, now in home care.

  • I use to be a hoist operator. Now joining the Navy.

  • TMD Supporter

    Software developer for a company that analyzes electrical utility systems.

  • CEO of an Investment Company here.

  • @Soly said:

    Also, contemplating going back to Bouncing on the side for some extra cash. I stopped after getting knifed in 2009.

    Ouch. Do bouncers wear bullet-proof vest or simular?

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