• Hello all,

    simply put what are your sideboard strategies?

    to not leave it too open, and imprecise, the SB is perhaps the most important aspect of the most important games in magic. The games that can make you lose a match. No one can lose a match game one, that's a fact.

    Thus, a common held concept is that you must, in the instance you are not one of the two categories described henceforth, segregate 6 or so cards to beat workshop and bazaar type decks. you 'must' be able to beat workshop if you play workshop, and so on.

    My mission is not to run through then minutia of all the specificities of each deck interacting with one another; rather a sober voice, to explicitly say exactly how they interact with any other deck.

    The concept derives from @Smmenen talking about his approach to beating PO via Jeskai (via podcast i believe). His summary was, and hopefully is, not to beat PO via stony silence/null rod, but perhaps attacking the artifacts 'on the field'. Thus his SB features Fragmentise rather than SSilence.

    As a Jeskai player is that correct?


  • I had a belcher deck that ran 15 islands in the side. The goal was to make my opponent wonder what I had sideboarded in when I shuffled in 15 and took out 15.
    I used islands because looking online most of the decks that win have islands in them... 👅

  • @nba84 said in Sideboard?:

    Hello all,

    simply put what are your sideboard strategies?

    Try to shore up my weaknesses in certain matchups while minimizing impact on my game plan.

    Find a way to fit a strange card into my 75 so that it'll be listed as a card played in Vintage.

  • I approach sideboard this way:

    1. pick a match up, say shops
    2. go thru my deck and find the cards I dont want in the shops match up: example -2 flusterstorm, -1 mana drain, -2thought cast. That gives me 5 slots
    3. choose 5 cards I would want most against shops
    4. repeats steps 1-3 for any other match up I'm likely to see in a given meta
    5. evaluate my card choices for sideboard and find cards with duplicate match up uses. Example I may bring in fragmentize against shops, oath and jeskai control (I often find jeskai control running null rods and/or stony's). I would use containment priest again oath, dredge and tinker decks. So I go back thru with this kind of evaluation and add and subtract cards until I'm at 15.