@craw_advantage WOW. RR might be tough to pull off in current decks, but I think this is certainly worth testing. An EoT Oath of Druids after I'm sure I won't see grafdiggers or they are tapped out and I won't have to worry about a sorcery speed answer...that is really interesting. I'm still mostly thinking hypergenisis for the 2 mana busted play, but instant speed that casts ANYTHING is very, very, interesting to me.

@wagner said in [RNA] Electrodominance:

Just to be sure, if I cast this targeting Lavinia, my free spell will be countered before Lavinia dies, right?

@fsecco is right. The precise order of events is:

  • Electrodominance starts to resolve. It stays on the stack while doing so. You follow its instructions in order, so Electrodominance deals its damage to Lavinia. You then announce your free spell, pay its costs, and put the spell onto the stack (on top of Electrodominance). The free spell can target Electrodominance, if you want (Fork?!).
  • Unless you paid mana (due to Spheres etc) for your free spell, Lavinia's second ability triggers.
  • Electrodominance finishes resolving and moves from the stack to your graveyard. Lavinia's ability that triggered in the previous step is put onto the stack, on top of your free spell. State-based effects are checked. If Lavinia has lethal damage, she goes to the graveyard.
  • Lavinia's triggered ability resolves and counters your free spell.
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I'm so skeptical of the use of Electrodominance.Its text reads:"deals X damage to any target where X is the CMC of the next spell you cast."This is the one-off ability of Vial Smasher the Fierce,who doesn't see vintage play.

NOTE:you can play Electrodominance as Quicken or as a mana-filter.But these funcitons are not essential.

@saya That text is very different. Electrodominance deals damage equal to X, but your next spell can be X or less. You can blast a Jace for 4 and cast a 1cmc spell off it. Also, you're not paying the cost of the next spell, which is a big difference from that wording.

Being a quicken AND mana filter to boot, and casting any spell (not just instant/sorcery) is really strong imo.

Vial smasher is also dealing damage off your first spell and it's a creature, so it can be killed on your turn when you cast it before it has any effect. Your opponent is aware he's in play as well. The difference in timing on this new card is WAY different than VStF.

Also, being cast for value (i.e. RR3 to bolt + cast free tinker (without sacing an artifact), ancestral, etc.) is decent, but not earth shattering - EoT tinker without sacing an artifact is kinda hot though. But the big play is casting costless spells for RR like hypergenisis or wheel of fate. Vial Smasher has nothing on that.

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Hypergenesis after frying your Containment Priest seems entertaining. But in a 1 Brainstorm world probably is just worse than oath.

@thewhitedragon69 said in [RNA] Electrodominance:

Also, being cast for value (i.e. RR3 to bolt + cast free tinker (without sacing an artifact)

I believe you still have to sac the artifact. Electrodominance still has you cast the spell. The only thing you dont do is pay its mana cost. But I'm pretty sure additional costs have to be paid. This would include sacrificing an artifact to tinker, 3 mana for trinisphere or paying for any other sphere effects.

@khahan Gotcha. EoT Sorcery is still intriguing. It's also a way to EoT oath into play after frying their priest as someone said. negating sorcery-speed answers to things helps.

I'm actually maybe most excited about EoT balance. Twist/Wrath/Armogeddon on your opponent's end step has to be brutal. Being able to do it 5 times (with restore balance) is just hot.

If you're gonna Balance on your opponent's turn, the correct time is surely the Draw rather than End of Turn step?

I don't know how well Balance plays with Electrodominance though. RR2 is a difficult cost to pay without a number of Volcanic Islands / Plateaus that you'd rather not expose.

@evouga said in [RNA] Electrodominance:

If you're gonna Balance on your opponent's turn, the correct time is surely the Draw rather than End of Turn step?

I don't know how well Balance plays with Electrodominance though. RR2 is a difficult cost to pay without a number of Volcanic Islands / Plateaus that you'd rather not expose.

While this is true, you dont always draw balance in your first 1-3 turns. It could easily be drawn late game when the board state is such that you and your opponent have excess lands.

I think if you try to use this card with Ancestral Visions in Vintage, you're going to die with one card of the combo in your hand and the other not in your hand more often than you'd like. I think if you could split the damage, the card would be borderline decent.

Speaking of As Foretold, MTGO player Iwouldliketorespond recently went 5-0 with it as a 4-of in the main deck. Deck is really fun to play.

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@thewhitedragon69 said in [RNA] Electrodominance:

@khahan Gotcha. EoT Sorcery is still intriguing.

Quicken is a thing that costs less, draws a card, and is generally in a more favorable color. If all you want to do is olay sorceries as opposed to no mana cost cards quicken seems likeba slam dunk over this.

Also, all this balance talk, its funny to think that restore balance becomes the superior card in this situation.

@protoaddct If that's ALL you want to do, sure, Quicken is better. I think the mana fixing, instant speed, Eot enchantment/PW, casting costless spells, deal direct damage, etc., all rolled into one card is what makes this better than quicken. Not sure if it will end up a playable or not, but it's gotta be worth testing.

Maybe a rainbow deck with hypergenesis, vivions, and restore balance? Emrakul cheats with oath and orchards (since you're rainbow and running emrakul anyway)?

@juice-mane Agree about the As Foretold deck, really fun to play. Been tweaking it a bit and learning how to play it properly but 5-0 does not seem within reach for me : )

Couple of stray thoughts about (Restore) Balance and suspend cards: 1) sorry if this is obvious but playing it as an instant lets you do it in response to cracking a fetch, thereby blowing up an additional land, and 2) suspending cards is actually a cheap way to get cards out of your hand while still getting the benefit of them. If you want to go all in on jank you could really spend the first couple turns suspending things and demolishing your opponent's hand and mana, and then have your Visions and Lotus Blooms come in, giving you a massively unbalanced board state. Definitely very inconsistent but could be fun when it works.

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Side comment not directly related to Electrodominance: even when played fairly, Ancestral Vision is quite strong on its own in the control mirror and probably underrated in Vintage. Suspending it in the early game sets up an explosive turn in the late game, and unlike Restore Balance, say, your opponent cannot plan for it very effectively. They can try to counter it of course, but they will need to do so during your upkeep, and unlike Ancestral Recall, Ancestral Vision is immune to Misstep, and unlike Treasure Cruise it is not an appealing Mana Drain target.

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