@evouga Saffron Olive will play next week.

Brian Kelly with the sickest of lists as usual. Always a pleasure when his subtle machinations come to fruition.

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Brian Kelly with the sickest of lists as usual. Always a pleasure when his subtle machinations come to fruition.

Indeed! Like most of his decks this one looks like an inconsistent pile of unusual singletons (Mikokoro? Spellseeker??) that somehow manages to hum together in practice.

@evouga Exactly. Really looking forward to the games, and his commentary this coming stream.

The fourth pod will play today at 9 PM Eastern (GMT -5).
This Pod consists of:
SaffronOlive on Esper Humans
Matt Sperling on UWR Control
Kevin Cron on Lavinia's Xerox
Andy Markiton on Pitch Dredge

Full decklists and matches can be found here:

See the matches on twitch at: https://www.twitch.tv/magic

I suspected Saffron playing humans since he showed up on geekyjacksons stream with the deck yesterday, but i really hoped he would change his mind. Many people expected some cool brew from him, instead we get a pretty boring and easy to play deck. At least its uncommon (and hopefully stays that way). I guess it is not fair to expect from a new Vintage player to come up with a innovative brew, while only really knowing the format for a couple of weeks.

The other thing i want to complain about: Damn Lavinia, Azorius Renegade ...shes everywhere. Normally i dont have any problem with good new cards slipping in a lot of decks, but she is so damn boring. I guess this is not the Thread to rant about the card again, so lets leave it at that. At least Kevin packed a cool card with Spell Queller.

Andy of Pitch Dredge is cool to see in my opinion, especially with three spicy Spinning Darkness in the sideboard. If you look at the other decklists, you can see they are ready to deal with dredge, should be a fun night!

Shops is rather effective at cutting through a Lavinia dominated metagame (it's won all three challenges since RNA has been released), but the VSL isn't really a "balanced" metagame. I think some players avoid Shops because they think VSL viewers will find it boring and Andy and Rich avoided Shops because they thought their opponents would put them on it and might overload on hate. Then again, MTGO isn't particularly balanced right now as Walking Ballista doesn't work correctly with Foundry Inspector and opposing Lavinias. I just had to file for compensation because I couldn't cast a Walking Ballista for more than X=1 with Lavinia in play. It makes me not want to jam Shops again even though I think it's the best deck in the metagame and the appropriate choice right now for the Vintage leagues.

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Fantastic play by all players tonight, and especially by Kevin Cron and Matt Sperling in the blue mirror!

I really liked SaffonOlive's deck but I think it under performed. The Thalia's never worked and Kitesail was not good. I think adding more spells for Mental Misstep and Flusterstorm would have helped. I also like the idea of main deck Damping Sphere for an Esper creature deck with Bob.

I have been messing around with a version of this deck for a while and I am running JVP and Snapcaster but I think Hero of Precinct One with JVP and some solid spells could work in this meta.

I’m not sure I agree about the Freebooters—-they looked pretty great to me, greatly slowing down the opponent’s ability to answer creature threats and attacking in the air. They don’t win the game on their own and unfortunately there wasn’t a sufficiently disruptive follow up during Seth’s matches.

By contrast the Thalia’s Lieutenant and Orzhov Pontiff looked very weak. I would replace them with more disruptive options like Spirit of the Labyrinth etc.

Week 5 decklists are up:


Shops will be getting it's first airtime (week 5!) and Dredge and combo appear again.

The real story is Seth's Oath deck. I love Oath as much as the next guy but it looks poorly positioned in this specific field. He may beat Andy but Seth is a dog in the PO matchup and has not a lot of Dredge hate in SB. Could be a rough week. I'm rooting for you Seth!

Week 6 decklists are up:


Andy Probasco (@Brass-Man, the wonderful owner of this website) on Enlightened Painter. Really cool deck and has a maindeck Rest in Peace!
Kevin Cron on Sai PO Storm
Erin Campbell (The Dredge Queen Shqueenge or @Oestrus) on what she calls "The Odd Couple" but regular people call Shredge or Drops.
Randy Buehler on PO Storm

Sounds like a lot of fun!

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Dredge Queen? @Oestrus has played shops in each list. This is a betrayal most foul.

@ChubbyRain What should I do to rectify this terrible situation? Should we rechristen her the SHOPS QUEEN?

I am so excited to see Dredge Shops on the VSL tonight.

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@ChubbyRain What do you mean? Drops did well last night.

He must have disagreed as he deleted his TMD account.

Edit: I think it's hard to have a deck you created highlighted and not live up to expectations. Just trying to express sympathy. I hope he comes back and contributes some of his thoughts on the deck to TMD. The Dredge Shops deck is really hard to pilot and the VSL is a rough tournament to compete in.

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Week 7 decklists are up and the spice flows!


Interesting the Brian K. would go with a list that is unproven on a large scale considering he has to win out to get into the playoffs. Rachel going with a safe bet as she needs just two wins to lock up a playoff spot. Bob, eliminated from playoff contention just wants to turn one someone and have fun. Also eliminated is Brian Coval playing Vintage Lands. Quick scan only sees one copy of Karakas from his opponents and no Swords (though there are several other ways for his opponents to interact with Marit Lage).

Should be good!

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