The release of Modern Horizons has had a large impact on Pitch Dredge with the addition of Force of Vigor, Force of Negation and Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis. Dredge has also had to adjust itself to the release of War of the Spark with Karn, the Great Creator and Narset, Parter of Veils and the release of Core Set 2020 with Mystic Forge. Versions of Pitch Dredge have been tested over the past couple of months with some very interesting results. Based on the latest Dredge decklists from for the past three weeks, it seems as though there has been a popular Pitch Dredge decklist that can possibly be established as a primary decklist for Pitch Dredge.

The following decklist was found on was found 11 times over the past three weeks that did well on various Vintage Challenges and Leagues out of 20 total Vintage Dredge Decks:

4x Narcomoeba
4x Prized Amalgam
4x Shambling Shell
4x Stinkweed Imp
3x Ichorid
4x Golgari Grave-Troll
4x Hollow One
1x Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite
1x Ashen Rider

4x Cabal Therapy
1x Gitaxian Probe
4x Mental Misstep
3x Dread Return
2x Force of Vigor
4x Force of Will

4x Serum Powder
4x Bridge from Below
4x Bazaar of Baghdad
1x Petrified Field

(sideboard varies)

Within the past three weeks there has been 4 decks that were the same as the above except for differing with 1-3 cards within the Vintage Challenges and Leagues.

So if you take the 11 decks that are the same, the 4 decks that are almost the same and there being a total of 20 Vintage Dredge Decks in the past three weeks of Vintage Challenges and Leagues; you basically have 75% of the decks being the same. This may be the new Pitch Dredge Deck.

Daniel Worobec

Does anyone have the math on finding bazaar with London and including 1,2,3, or 4 powders? I thought I remembered seeing it here but cant find it. Thx!

@illig719 in my thread I went over Frank Karsten's math, though it was just 0/4 powders.

That's what I was looking for thanks!

With misstep restricted, I'm seeing more Surgical Extractions. What do y'all think of adjusting the numbers of each dredger to make surgicals less effective?

My current dredgers and what they dredge for:
1x Golgari Grave Troll = 6 dredge
1x Golgari Thug = 4 dredge
4x Shambling Shell = 3 dredge each, 12 dredge total
4x Stinkweed Imp = 5 dredge each, 20 dredge total
Making a grand total of 42 dredge with 5 green cards and 9 black cards. With this list, opponent is most likely to see a 4-of dredger and get maximum value from a surgical.

Proposed dredgers to make Surgical a bit worse:
1x Golgari Grave Troll = 6 dredge
2x Golgari Thug = 4 dredge each, 8 dredge total
2x Shambling Shell = 3 dredge each, 6 dredge total
2x Greater Mossdog = 3 dredge each, 6 dredge total
3x Stinkweed Imp = 5 Dredge each, 15 dredge total
Dredge Total 41 with 5 green cards and 7 black cards. With this list an opponent is most likely to see a 2-of dredger, making our long-term chances of getting back in the game better.

@boogdish this seems like we are just slowing ourselves down overall in all matchups to avoid being slowed should the opponent draw and resolve a particular piece of hate under ideal circumstances.

Play more Dredgers than just 10. 14 is a good number if you want to be more immune to surgical+deathrite effects. You can diversify at the lower numbers if you find value in doing so. 1 Troll and 4 Stinkweed is pretty much going to be standard.

I would always start with 1 GGT, 4 Stinkweed 4 Thug and only cut any of those if you had a specific reason for doing so

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