2/2 - Romancing The Stones - Proxy Vintage (Austin, TX)

I really hope to make one of these this year. My in-laws live just outside of Austin and we visit a few times a year. Just need to make sure we have a trip scheduled the same weekend and then the convince the wife that I should go play magic rather than spending time with her family!

Cheers @Khahan - hope you can make it! We should be hammering out dates for our next few events soon, so I'll share those here once we have them. Tentatively, I'd expect late March (after SXSW) and either late April or early May.

I'm going to need to make a new deck to play that Library after I win tomorrow 🙂

The format is five rounds of Swiss, with cut to the top 4?

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@evouga Yep! We're pretty much set on that structure, unless we see a drastic uptick or downtick in attendance. Cutting to Top 8 would be nice, but that extra round reallllly adds a lot of time to the event, which our venues don't always love.

Thanks so much for putting this on! It was great fun, despite me getting crushed 2-3. The Infect deck that went on a rampage today was an interesting surprise.

Love me some infect 😉 4-1 was not quite good enough, but I'm happy with the performance.


That infect deck looks radical! I'm definitely gonna have to try a version of it.

@Thewhitedragon69 I mean, you missed Top 4 on breakers - nothing to be ashamed of there. Considering the last time you Top 4'd one of our events you were on BW Depths, you're developing quite the reputation as a successful brewer.

@evouga Great meeting you this weekend! I learned that Library vs Jace + Sylvan is not a winning battle.

Lol. I love to brew. And RTS tourneys are my fave places to bring brews and drink brews at breweries 🙂

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