Sunday, May 29th - Livonia, Michigan - RIW Hobbies Memorial Weekend Vintage

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    Location: RIW Hobbies, 29571 5 Mile Rd, Livonia, Michigan 48154
    Date: Sunday, May 29th
    Proxies: 100% Proxies Allowed. Image of Card preferred.
    Store Opens at 12:00 pm, Event begins at 1pm.
    Entry fee is $10.
    Prize Support is double the entry fees collected paid out in Store Credit to top finishers.
    We will play swiss rounds based on attendance, with a cut to top 4 at 16 players and to top 8 with more than 16 players.

    We are keeping it going, firing our 4th Vintage tournament of the year Memorial Day Weekend. Any questions can be directed at me here or via Facebook (see event link above.)

  • Awesome, I am hoping to make the trip again! I will talk to the gang and see if we can get a few guys to head your way.

  • That would be awesome for sure. Its always a good time, and even better when you guys come out.

  • Four days after I move to Detroit! I probably won't make it to this one, but maybe the next one!

  • @Dumpsterac1d We will definitely continue to run them monthly (or close to it,) I will make sure to keep posting them.

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