Planet Money did a podcast on MTG and it's success as a collectable card game

  • In a classic bubble — housing for example, or tech stocks or Beanie Babies — the fun ends in a crash. Things go belly up, and people can lose a lot of money.

    The creators of the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering faced such a bubble. The cooler they made their cards, the more the resale value increased — and threatened to send Magic cards the way of the Beanie Baby.

    Today on the show: how the folks who made Magic cards came up with a plan. A plan to once and for all conquer the science of bubbles, and make a collectible toy that could live forever.

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  • Just listened to this over my lunch break, thanks for the heads up! A little fluffy for seasoned planeswalkers, but pretty neat hearing Skaff talk about the early days, and how the pro tour very likely saved the game from collapsing.

  • This is cool and all, but this was posted on The Drain when the piece first came out, about a year ago. 🙂

  • @MaximumCDawg ugh, who read THAT old site. It didn't even work on my phone

  • That much is true -- this new format is far more smart-phone-friendly than the old.

    Which is something I'm noticing is becoming the norm for ALL websites. Big, simple, clean. Pretty, if sometimes not as functional. <_<

  • Ha, well I just started listening to PM and I've been going through all the archives.

    I will say the site is a million times easier to use on my phone. I miss the information density of the old site, but the new layout makes a lot more sense on mobile.