It's more similar to Bob or a Planeswalker that generates a long term advantage if it stays on the battlefield. The card is absurd in Legacy. It's very good in Vintage as well but the hit rate is slightly lower as legacy decks can run more cantrips.

Card evaluation is hard. 🤷

It is true to better compare this card with Bob. But at least Arcanist seems to be good enough to replace Snapcasters or JVPs in the lists I have seen far as all of them use the graveyard as a resource. People did even cut Treasure Cruise. This might have something to do with Narset but is still worth mentioning (restricted, totally overpowered Treasure Cruise! In a cantrip deck!). On a sidenote: Plague Engineer is pretty good against Arcanist (and a nice card in general).

I have a rules question regarding Shattering Spree. If it is cast from Arcanist, can replicate be used?

I am interested in that as well. And what about Wear / Tear?

@desolutionist yes, it can. That's what makes it absurd with shattering spree

@tom-bombadil that isn't even remotely unclear.

702.101c The total cost of a fused split spell includes the mana cost of each half.

Do you have to pay the additional cost for the card 'Raze'?

As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a land.
Destroy target land.

arcanist is gonna need 3 power to target wear/tear, and will only cast one half of it, as fuse is from hand only.

additional costs, such as those on Raze, must be paid with arcanist.

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