Might put a damper on the handful of new playable-looking planeswalkers in the set. Or maybe not, as putting it in a superfriends deck of your own lets it function as an instant win if you have a PW with a game-winning ultimate already on the board.

I think any deck running black will likely have to consider this for the board, even if they are not running walkers of there own. Just the potential to X for 1 your opponent makes this seem strong, and the time where you are able to put 4 loyalty counters on a Jace or Teferi after killing your opponents 2 walkers seems like a blowout.

Can you play this without having a planeswalker of your own in play?

It only targets planewalkers your opponents control so yes, you could play this just to murder a walker or 2 without one of your own, it would fall under the "do as much as you can" rule.

@vaughnbros Yes. "Choose" means you do it if possible on resolution.

@protoaddict No, it's not your opponent's walkers, it is ANY walkers. You could actually drop some of the 3 mana uncommon PWs, drop something with a substantial ultimate, and Elderspell your lesser walkers for a massive pump on your better walker to ultimate in the same turn (or the turn after if you don't have BB + 4ish mana).

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Thanks this seems like a card to keep on the radar then.

If my opponent has 2 planeswalkers on the battlefield... I am losing. And I am probably not resolving this card. Dack and Jace will make it pretty hard to resolve. One of the reasons Abrupt Decay is still good. On the surface this looks awesome but probably won’t see play.

@ssasala Except the 2 PWs could be a WAR uncommon, teferi time raveler + dack or jace maybe. If you are running double black, you are likely clearing the path with seize/duress. If your opponent taps out to play that second walker and doesn't have the FoW, you can get a nice 2-for-1.

I think it'll see fringe SB play and will probably be bigger in Modern, but it can get value in the right situations.

If you have a single walker on the field against your opponents 2 you may literally turn the game around from a loss to a win with this single card. Being able to remove 2 walkers and put 4 counters on say, liliana of the veil just seems to be game over to me.

This card is crucial to Grixis and BUG fighting a Jeskai deck. Other than that it’s not a vintage card

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Destroy any number of target planeswalkers.

Maybe this goes without saying, but 0 is a number. 🙂

@hardy While you could technically choose 0, the end result would be adding zero loyalty counters, so that seems wasteful.

i feel like dreadbore is better than this card in decks that also have red, but i guess it's a question of what's more likely: your opponent having a must-kill creature or having multiple walkers?

I think Hero's downfall is more likely to be better in most situations, and that card isn't very playable in vintage (love it in modern). Hitting a pyromancer or monk or vengevine or human is useful. Instant speed is also big. The chance this card will be useful to net any loyalty or card advantage without you already being buried beyond help is small. I suppose in the right matchups (xerox), if you are on a PW build that accesses double black easily, you could get a nice boost often enough. So many vintage decks run 0 walkers though, so this will be bad maindeck for sure.

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