Eternal masters roughly one month away, where's the hype (and further spoilers)?


I'd be more than willing to write an open letter to Hasbros upper management about how Mark Rosewater must be sacked. Give them a financial incentive and they will.

I've heard working for Wizards is a toxic environment, as its a seniority based system and the exact opposite of a meritocracy. Going after him would be an obvious choice, and one the Board of directors would have to listen to if you appeal to their monetary interests.

I'd need researchers to find direct quotes on Rosewater, and proof readers/co writers. It only gets stronger when more people get involved.

The set makes me sick to my stomach. They had a chance to expand the player base of all eternal formats with this set, they expanded the player base by ZERO.

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I'm ok with Efreet and sylvan library in the set. Even karakas. Im also glad for Gsz being in. Although, Its dumb for heritage druid and imperious perfect to be rare this time around. Set as a whole, Fail. Not because Mana drain isn't in the set, but because this set seems boring even to draft. I would rather draft origins and bfz again.

this set isnt bad but its not good, its ok imho, there are good cards in this set and it will allow for more access to some of these cards, but none of us should have expected to get all the staples in one set, and that seems what people were expecting. if they put every good card in this set then whats the point of the next set? if they reprint those good cards again it will crash the secondary market. misdirection, rishadin port, mana drain and other cards may be in eternal masters two, just give it time. the set isnt that bad, but as i said its not great, just ok.

This set looks awesome! Will likely be fun limited format and introduces quite many cards to the mtgo economy.

Sure, I would have loved Mana Drain in the set, instead of all of the kitchen table chaff. But we knew the expected value of a pack wasn't going to be significantly above MSRP.

And even if they had included Mana Drain and the P3K cards, Eternal Masters would not have taken us any closer toward fixing the shortage of the true Vintage staples: the power 9, dual lands, Mishra's Workshop and Bazaar of Baghdad. Instead of complaining about Mark Rosewater, it would be better to urge Hasbro Legal to grow a spine.

All told I am glad I did not grab any boxes of EM. It got a TON of hype locally and I felt pressured to buy in since I play mostly Legacy and Vintage but I really don't need anything currently and I do not maintain a trade binder. I figured it would have roughly a dozen chase cards and the rest would be a couple low cost gems with plenty of chaff for the drafters.


The price of Port is prolly the only reason I don't at least test DnT online. I agree Port shpould have been in Em. I played the deck in paper and always look for more ways to test.

wow, white, blue, and red look insanely powerful and fun for limited. Black looks horrible outside of its bonkers rares. Green pretty decent.


The 4 best commons in the set are all Blue: Counterspell, Memory Lapse, Man-o-war, and Phantom Monster. Blue also has the most mythics (4) and other very good, and often great, commons/uncommons. Seems over powered to me.

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Even though I could get a bOx cheap I'm not doing it. There are too many bulk mythics and rares to make it a safe bet. If I thought I'd get even close to what I put in back I'd get a box.

I can just imagine opening worldgorger and pals and kicking myself for not just picking up singles.

I'm getting a box to play limited. There's a couple of cards that would be great to open, but I agree with you @Islandswamp, if there's only handful of cards you are really after then makes much more sense to buy the singles

Only way one would get worth from a box of this is if you open foil FoW, Sylvan, tutors, Jace, balance, Wasteland, mishra factory, etc. Even then you are better off getting a box of BfZ for the expeditions. Since I dont buy boxes to make money either way, I will just be buying single foils I do not have. Sylvan, Sinkhole and Jace, I'm looking at you 😉

I think the set is ok. The real miss to me isn't the high money cards that weren't included, it's the lack of ANY portal cards. Things like Wei assasins or wu spy that could have been included in with the filler and been exciting even though they are only a couple dollars or already reprinted cards like rolling earthquake that are already available cheap.....there are a lot of newer cards included that we could have done without. I would have rather seen filler drek from portal or older sets

So how did everyone do? I bought 4 boxes altogether.

1st box started out real strong with a Jace, Mana Crypt, Karakas, Wasteland, Foil Vamp and Foil Winter Orb. 2nd and 3rd were decent with probably break-even EV or sligthly better.

Bought my 4th box yesterday and hit the jackpot of only 2 mythics, Necropotence and Worldgorger Dragon. I think I'm done cracking packs now...

Bought a box to play sealed with friends (fun limited environ, better than expected).

I beat the odds, the mythics were Mana Crypt, Karakas, and Jace. Foil Daze, Entomb, and GSZ.

I'll edit this in the future if the spoils frm the box do what I hope they do...

how did this set perform for Wizards? I haven't heard anyone talking about that yet.


I only have anecdotal stories, but the set seems to have sold strongly, with most stores in my area having sold through their initial product allocation within the first week.

Talking with a few shop owners, they were told there are no subsequent reorders or waves coming. Apparently with Modern Masters there would be a distribution of the stock that was not used in the allocation of the release GP's. As EMA had no Grands Prix, no real second wave to be had.

Seems well received from what I have seen. I didn't buy any. I played a couple of rounds of Flip it or Rip it but not on my dime.

I feel the set could have been better overall but is fun to draft. I did one draft so far at a local shop and it was pretty enjoyable. Pulled a Sensei's Top. Cracked 3 prize packs at GP Columbus and opened Maze of Ith and Worldgorger Dragon.

Foils for Force of Will, Pyroblast, Toxic Deluge are all welcome additions though.

Still have not drafted the two boxes I bought need to schedule a time with friends. Will report what I pull then.

I was expecting Misdirection and Port because of the MTGO insane price on both but they have to save some goodies for Eternal Masters 2.
Grove of the Burnwillows, Dark Depths I think would be in Modern Masters 3.
There have to be some not so great mythics but bulk mythics make me upset.
Balance and Necropotence makes sense because both were very powerful card in their time although not being monetarily valuable.
Worldgorger, Sphinx and Argothian are just duds at Mythic though. Actually played fat creatures like Craterhoof Behemoth, Tidespout Tyrant, Griselbrand, would have been nice.

@Arianeira said:

Worldgorger, Sphinx and Argothian are just duds at Mythic though. Actually played fat creatures like Craterhoof Behemoth, Tidespout Tyrant, Griselbrand, would have been nice.

I don't disagree, but I suspect they found that putting both Natural Order / Sneak Attack / Reanimator effects into limited with the Best Fatties Ever led to a lot of really stinky drafts. That's got to be the reason why we only got stuff like Roix Bladewing, Sphinx, etc, as the bombs.

Maybe next Eternal Masters will hold back on the cheat-stuff-out effects in favor of printing more amazing bombs.

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