@protoaddict Ha, I was wondering what the Pact of Negation reference was about and that didn't even occur to me! They should have called it Force of Anticombo.

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Worst card name ever

We just had a creature called "Massacre Girl."

We have a legendary named fllpggpshshthsp. Come on.

Guys, he said worst card name ever, not best.

Has anyone played with this card yet? I have and believe it to be just as good as Force of Will in most situations.

8 Fows takes us back to a time with 4 Merchant Scrolls, in which Force of Will was a frequent turn one Scroll target. Upon its restriction, Imperial Seal used in conjunction with Sensei’s Divining Top was the best replacement; It was very good to have access to a turn 1 Force of Will. Overtime Vintage changed and needing to start the game with a FoW was less of a requirement.

Having 8 FoWs in your deck completely changes the game, especially upon the arrival of the London mulligan. The London mulligan is going to entice players into more bomb (Draw7, Karn, etc.) driven opening lines that are just going to be stopped by a Force.

FoN’s first natural home is in Landstill, but I suspect it should be played in all blue decks and will soon be a $100 card.

Not paying mana for things is just where it’s at.

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Has anyone played with this card yet?

Not yet, but the set goes live on MODO today so the preliminary online results should start trickling in this Sunday and be in full force by the following Sunday.

It’s format warping in my opinion. More so than the Planeswalkers. It is a Force of Will after all. (Force of Will has been amongst the most played card in the format for a long, long time)

It’s also just a natural foil to the combo response to the London mulligan. It also counters Narset and Karn. (obv)

It’s difficult to say if blue would become strictly of the Landstill flavor though, since going that route with this card is pretty attractive.

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I've been using one Force of Negation in Oath where I had been using Mindbreak Trap. Overall, Mindbreak Trap is the stronger card, but this card is more versatile. It stops the lines where the other player was avoiding the Trap. It can also just be hard cast, so I consider it an upgrade.

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It can also just be hard cast, so I consider it an upgrade.

As can mindbreak trap

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