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Green creature with a bad tribe scares me a lot less than the other 3 existing options.

I guess you can just build the hate beariest of hate bear lists with 4 of these, 4 green suns zenith, 4 elvish spirit guides, 4 dryad militant or something. I dont know, still loses to counterspell.

This seems like a silly way to think, as most things lose to counterspell. Also cavern exists and has no problem naming Ouphe if you're that concerned

@pilsburydohboy42 But it also dies to doom blade...

BUG Fish and Survival both run counterspells of their own and their are many different ways to overcome counterspells (critical mass, cavern, discard). Then again, I've built green deck, after green deck, after green deck, after green deck that all 5-0'd MTGO leagues or did well in challenges that ran Green Sun's Zenith and would love this little Ouphe. So what do I know... I suppose if you make you list terrible with 4 ESGs and 4 Dryad Militants (wtf...) then, yeah, I guess you are going to lose to counterspells.

The best way to evaluate cards it to put them in bad decks, lose, then declare the cards unplayable. 🙄

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Is it wrong of me to be disappointed by this card? It's clearly Vintage playable (in decks with the ability to tutor it up more reliably than Stony Silence), but so boring!

Point was not that it's not playable, it's that stony silence and null rod and karn all seem harder to deal, easier to cast with a sol lands, or provide more utility with which is what you need in a card like this. This feels like a redundant piece, which makes the creature type relevant because its not a played tribe as it were.

@protoaddict I don't know. All three of those still lose to counterspell.

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@protoaddict I don't know. All three of those still lose to counterspell.

I think you need to play this with Defense Grid or Meddling Mage naming Counterspell.

use boseiju to resolve your tinker for null rod, obviously

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use boseiju to resolve your tinker for null rod, obviously

But that loses to Back to Basics!

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use boseiju to resolve your tinker for null rod, obviously

I was thinking you could use Boseiju to resolve Show and Tell into Ouphe, but I guess your line works as well.

Seriously speaking, I think that the way the current meta is, this card is truly an (almost strict) upgrade to Stony Silence. Speaking from a Hatebears perspective here, the main problem with Stony Silence is that it's very bad in some matchups (Dredge, Xerox, BUG mainly), but Ouphe is much better here. Against Dredge you obviously don't want the effect but at least Ouphe is a creature. Against Xerox and BUG the effect doesn't do much either but again it's a creature, which shouldn't be underestimated as you often want to hold back your Spirit of Labyrinth or Sanctum Prelate to not get ambush vipered by Snapcaster (in fact, holding back Prelate is almost always correct against Xerox if your opponent has Snapcaster mana up, as it's really, really hard for Xerox to beat Prelate @ 1).

Against PO and other storm builds, whether it's a creature or and enchantment doesn't matter much as the most commonly played hate are bounce effects anyway.

Against Shops it's a strict update with the added bonus that it doesn't get taxed under your own Thalia (game 1, that is, as you want to side out Thalia games 2 and 3) and it doesn't get blown up by Serenity. Serenity is one of the best sideboard cards against Shops but one of the biggest issues was that Stony would get killed too. With Ouphe I think I want to go back to Serenity over Seeds of Innocence again (although Force of Vigor is gonna get tested as well).

Oath is, off the top of my head, the one matchup where Stony is better than Ouphe, but although Oath has seen a resurgence lately (at least in my experience, but that might be variance) I certainly think that Ouphe is just the better card the way the meta is right now.

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