5-8 December - Lucca, Italy - Nebraska's War 7

This is has been the defacto EU tournament with both Eternal formats for some time, with players coming even from overseas.

Lucca Fiere e Congressi Spa
Via della Chiesa XXXII, 237 (Traversa I)
55100, Lucca (LU) - Italy

Details will be added and will be found on website, facebook and event.

TO is probably going to replicate the same formula whe had last year, hosting TWO Vintage events: the main one on Saturday and the premium one on Friday. The latter was sort of a premium "High Stakes, High Rewards" event for the dieahard players, with a registration fee of 100 euros.

TO also is considering the idea of allowing 15 proxies (playtest cards) for the first time which would boost attendance a lot.

Feel free to ask for any logistic help, especially if you plan to go to Florence before or after, friends from overseas have been visiting me for the past years, so you're definitely in for some tough competition.

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TO has started to publish informations, check also the streak of Eternal events in Italy if you want to pair this with the Legacy GP.

Any news about wether or not Proxies will be allowed?

Not yet, sadly. OTOH 4 Seasons has been allowing them for the past 3 editions.

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