Vintage 101: Dack Fayden vs. the World

Interesting taxonomy. So, what is the best Planeswalker in the world?

@smmenen I'm still pretty partial to Dack overall, but playing with Narset this past week has helped me appreciate the power level of her card.

Still, Dack is also one of my favorite lore characters, so I have to long term go with him. 🙂

I'm not a shops player, but I'm curious why none of the Karn Creator decks I've been seeing have a Relic of Progenitus maindecked to allow you to exile your own countered and destroyed artifacts to bring back with Karn. Modern decks have been using Tormod's Crypt, but the Relic would be better long term. Relic also exiles it self to be recycled.

Is there just not enough maindeck room?

@dstinct I think there are too many better cards to put in the maindeck than Relic.

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