White Hatebears Primer Part 1 and 2 available.

  • Hi All,

    this is my first attempt at writing and I finished Part 1 of a primer for WW style Hatebears which I enjoy playing alot

    Please leave comments and send me messages for improvements to me made.




  • loved the article. I am getting back into Vintage and I am currently in a Bant deck but I play Death and taxes in Legacy so I have the cards for this deck.

  • kinda hard to follow because the left banner covers half of the browser window.

  • TMD Supporter

    Thanks for writing this! I've still only read part of it but it is good so far.
    Hopefully we get enough primers to.have an entire section of them.

  • Nice write up. I especially like the chart at the end. That was very useful for bringing all the information together quick and easy.

  • This a super small note: Rest in Peace is from Return to Ravnica, not Theros.

    LOVE the primer. I'm just getting back into vintage and I've loved playing white trash/hatebears. You really have to know about common decks and strategies which tends to mean you are doing research that informs your overall vintage knowledge base.

  • very nice primer! i liked how the whole article was written: explanation of card choices, possible additions and even meta match ups etc. The thing that stood out for me was the "Table of Critters" and i find it very useful on how to optimally build an aggro deck in vintage. if i were to write about my Zoo primer i'll use the same method and i hope you don't mind :) can't wait for part two.

  • I added a 2nd section and already started on a 3rd section


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