I would play Cavern too. Mental Misstep isn't legal in Legacy.

Sure, but I could also play Gaea's Herald without compromising my mana base to Wasteland, without spending a fortune on a playset of Cavern.

It slows down your combo, but I would strongly consider maindecking the 4 Force of Vigor (or at least SOME number of them). I think it's remarkably strong in the format right now, and I've personally considered taking a look at Elf Combo entirely on the back of the card. I like to see someone taking a crack at it, and I love the Archon of Valor's Reach tech.

I think it makes a lot of sense to maindeck the Collector Ouphe as well. With 4 Green Sun's Zenith in the deck already, that gives you access to a ton of disruption with a minimal investment. I think you could make the case for several other disruptive creatures as well? (A splash for Gaddock Teeg comes to mind.) but I understand that each non-elf you add to the deck is going to slow you down. Ouphe is the best of them though, and is probably worth the slot.

I wonder if you want any of the new Canopy lands? (Horizon Canopy/Waterlogged Grove/Nurturing Peatland) it seems like the damage is pretty negligible for this deck, and you can quickly get enough mana generation on the board to make all of your non-Cradle lands redundant.

I think it's likely that the optimal version of this deck runs a second color, (blue for power?) and pretty obviously Black Lotus and Mox Emerald, but it sounds like you're building this with a budget in mind and they certainly aren't necessary for this deck in the same way that they are for an Outcome list.

Gaddock Teeg, while a great disruptive card, shuts off my own Green Sun's Zenith and Natural Order, so I don't think it's worth it in my mind.
I could see slipping in the Collector into the main, but I don't really think I need the Force of Vigors maindeck, seeing as I have access to a tutorable and recurring removal in the form of Reclamation Sage. There used to be a time where Reclamation Sage + Wirewood Symbiote was lights out for Workshops, maybe if I include Collector, that can be true again.
Can you think of any other Green Tutor Targets?

Elf combo seems a bit slow in the current meta. That is why he is suggesting Force of Vigor and Ouphe. These cards can help you make up the speed difference. I think ultimately a hate bear list is better for unpowered though.

MENTAL MISSTEP IS AT ONE!!!! This makes me very happy! On a serious note, I think this deck does get a huge bump from the B&R list announcement.

I think the Tutorable Null Rod is better than Skullclamp, just my opinion.

@msg67183 said in Elves! 2k19:

I think the Tutorable Null Rod is better than Skullclamp, just my opinion.

Why not both?

Why give myself the possibility of drawing the Skullclamp after I have the Rod Effect out?

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