LOVE this card...basically a fixed illusionary mask!

Return of The Riddler????

Workshop + this/ill mask/torpor orb + dreadnaught/undercosted fatty????

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Torpore orb Is Better and not see the game.

@babau Torpor Orb is not better. With torpor orb, you have to cast dreadnaught at sorcery speed and pass the turn, opening you up to a Dack steal. With this, you can flash it in on their EoT and then flip it and swing on yours. This card is WAY better than torpor orb for sneaking in artifact fatties.

This Need 1 more mana and not from workshop....topor and Mask can play dreadnought in frist turn from workshop

Karn ...null Rod...revoker ecc..not stop torpor

Mask Need 1 mana not from apology

@babau Yes, but 1 non-shop mana on turn 2 should not be hard at all. The ability to flash a dreadnaught in on the opponent's EoT turn 1 is such a huge thing that it can't be underestimated. Dack stealing your DN is gg most times. Metmorph copying and such (fringe case) is also avoided with this. You still have to connect twice, and are open to a ton of artifact hate, so likely the format has gotten too fast and answer-heavy (force of vigor) for any non-lock artifact plan nowadays.

Yes You are right.
But the vintage Power level Is too hight for this combo.

I love this card as the second coming of Illusionary Mask. But, Dreadnought hasn't been good in Vintage for a long time, as far as I know. Even if it was, it's awfully hard to compete with Orb, or Stifle in decks that can support it.

I think the advantage with this card is turning dead cards into 2/2's

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