SMIP: My Suggested B&R List (2019)

My unrealistic solution:
Restrict Karn, then print a 4 mana one sided null rod and a walker that tutors colorless cards from the sideboard.


I don’t think Crop Rotation was ever a legal 4-of before New Phyrexia. Card was pretty broken as a 1-of in shops and Storm before Misstep came around.

It was an obvious inclusion in early versions of Ichorid. I’m sure as a 4-of, brewers could be incentivized to play some green lands in a Bazaar deck.

Could be pretty good AGAINST Dredge as well.

It’s also one of those cards that used to be amazing but aren’t that great now. It would be great in the Depths decks for sure. If Misstep didn’t exist, It could also be awesome in PO style decks.

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Iam all about restricting misstep.
This will help so many decks and probably chance the meta to a way more interactive one. I see ritual based decks seeing more play, i see those decks and control as well as midrange decks play duress and thoughtseize, which helps keeping Karn and Narset under control. People will probably start playing Spell pierce, which is also great against the mentioned and without misstep pitch dredge will become way less consistent with its disruption.

@desolutionist or just play Survival with Crop Rotation

Crop Rotation was unrestricted in June 2009 and New Phyrexia released in May 2011. But there is no deck with more than 1 crop rotation in the base during that period.

Obviously the metagame is completely different now, it is difficult to make prediction from this.

On Mental Misstep:

Honestly, mental misstep is what keeps the meta interactive. Otherwise we would have players goldfishing on both sides of the table more often than we do now. (Storm doesn't need to be better.)
I like MM keeping restricted cards like ARecall and 1cmc tutors in check outside of them being restricted as well. Unfortunately, MM is necessary with all the 1cmc cantrips in existence at this point.

My 2cents anyway.

Duress effects will not get better with the restriction of MM. Duress effects aren't as good now because we have so much draw available than before.

Let's see..
the decks that run Karn, don't necessarily run MM. So, Duress could be used against them, except Duress has to happen before the taxing effects come down on the other side.

If Narset goes unrestricted and MM gets hit instead, Narset isn't going to be weaker. Duress here won't do much either. Decks running Narset have the big blue draw engine already to stay ahead.

Duress and effects like it, are weaker now, not because of MM but because of the powerful card draw available now. Let's face it, Duress effects are huge tempo loss in most decks now, unless they can win on the spot. (DPS/ANT)
Not only that but we have Collective Brutality available to us, which dodges MM and it's more versatile.

In the case of Dredge, Force of vigor/Negation would be more at fault for its current strength, not Misstep.
Also, Deathrite Shaman is doing just fine in the current meta. Doesn't look like MM is keeping it oppressed.

Spell pierce

Oi, this card used to be compared to Mana drain and as such, competed for slots in blue decks. Spell pierce is purely defensive, where MM can be proactive as well.
One of the main reasons Flusterstorm took the spot over pierce was simply because you can be more aggressive with your plan than you otherwise would be if you ran Pierce or other narrow counterspells.
If MM needs to be restricted merely on the grounds that Pierce and Duress is not played anymore/as much, then Flusterstorm should follow suite because it pushed Mana Drain out, as well as suppressing strategies relying on mostly instant and sorceries.

I hope I expressed myself well enough, apologies if I didn't.
I'm a bit under the weather but had to post my thoughts before they're rendered irrelevant by tomorrow's announcement.

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@ten-ten I used to agree with you but I think too often now that Mental Misstep is used to aggressively disrupt early game plans by hitting Preordain, Dredge hate, and removal spells. And just so you know, stock Dredge lists aren't running Force of Negation. Force of Vigor is a more significant contributor but likely a net positive for the format.

Regardless, I remember when I started playing that Chalice of the Void was the key card that kept Rituals in check and could never be restricted or it would be "combo winter" or something along those lines. That was proven to be false. R&D is taking risks when it comes to card design. I actually think it's a good thing for the format, though the B&R action needs to keep pace as these cards aren't tested or intended for Vintage play. Why not also take some risks with B&R decisions like restricting Mental Misstep and seeing if the other interactive spells in the format can control Storm enablers. It's a good time given the printing of FoV, FoN, Narset, Karn, Ouphe, Lavinia, Veil of Summer (if you've cast this card against Storm, it's nuts), Dovin, Ashiok, etc. And if it doesn't work, I hope the DCI flips the switch back in 3-6 months.

If MM is restricted, would you guys keep a single MM in aggro-control decks, or none at all? I feel like there are cards that I'd want to run at least two, or none at all, and I'm not sure where MM stands.


I wouldn't mind MM, or anything for that matter, being restricted. Except, it's highly unlikely wotc will revert it's decision if MM was the incorrect call.
I think proving a restriction was incorrect months from now would be highly improbable, especially if they hit multiple cards at once and/or unrestrict something. Not to mention new set releases may influence the meta by then.

@horvath said in SMIP: My Suggested B&R List (2019):

If MM is restricted, would you guys keep a single MM in aggro-control decks, or none at all? I feel like there are cards that I'd want to run at least two, or none at all, and I'm not sure where MM stands.

You absolutely run it, just to have it for the 1 Ancestral and 1 Sol Ring. If only to dunk the 18 year old math majors who claim Ancestral will ruin Vintage forever without the old stalwart Skillstep holding in check.

@horvath Yes, I won't run unrestricted MM in DPS, but restricted MM should be worth a slot.

Three out of five ain’t bad. 🤗

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