Dr. Rich Shay has just streamed with a Hedron Crab version (to mill the opponent). It seemed quite good. I recommend checking out the replay.

@desolutionist all this time Misstep was protecting us from Hedron Crab and we didn't even know it

You know what I’d try? Lotus Field and Frantic Search. Maybe Time Spiral and Amulet of Vigor. Yeah something janky like that.


If you're interested in Amulet builds, Justin Gennari a.k.a. @IamActuallyLvL1 streamed a league with the deck last Thursday:

Round 1 vs. Dragon
Round 2 vs. DPS
Round 3 vs. Survival
Round 4 vs. Oath
Round 5 vs. DPS

Cool! I follow Justin but last week I couldn't watch any stream. Will watch the replay, thanks!

I've been watching a number of streams around fastbond and I'm really starting to wonder if running Moxen makes sense.

Lotus seems to still be worth it because it can give you explosive broken turns, but I have watched enough matches played now where a player got a mox stuck on top with a courser in play, or useless in hand with either their or an opponents oophe in play that I feel like it would be better to cut even the on color ones more often than now.

I mean, I can 100% say I think running off color moxen are wrong, but I think I want to test running none and going heavier on Oophe and Cotv. If we need fast mana in this list I also wonder if running ESG is not a better option.

Does anybody have ideas on using Fastbond with Smokestack? I think BG Stax could be cool in reinforcing the weakness of mono brown stax, but not quite sure how to go about it.

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I have been having pretty good success against some friends with a Fastbond list using cloudstone curio to go infinite. That way I am not reliant on specific land draws like amulet lists and graveyard hate isnt a problem for me. I can use cards like mikoroko and bazaar to sift through my deck and can kill with sunscorched desert

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