I think Hollow One is a better 4 CMC game ender than Smoke Stack. However, staxxing someone out is much more satisfying.


We are not a combo deck , so i am really not sure if defense grid is a good call.
The most efficient card to deal with Hurkyl's recall is to run 3 witchbane orb. However, because we are doing that the most recent list are now running more chain of vapor instead of Hurkyl's.
An important point is how much pressure you can put on the field, best thing that can happen to us is when they must use their Hurkyl's as emergency button. We can't prevent all Hurkyl's to happen so we want it to happen at our time not theirs. If they play it when we are in attack phase, we have some more time to start build again and they won't gain full advantage of it. My point is, maybe removing creatures from the list was not a good idea.

I started with Deunan’s list and went 3-2 in league. Made some tweaks and then went 5-0. Made some more tweaks and then went 4-2 in the challenge, barely missing the top8, losing to my friend for the win and in.

I went the opposite direction, cutting Smokestack ultimately. You’ll notice in my 5-0 list I had Bazaar and Uba Mask, but they’re just not necessary. I upgraded Bottled Cloister to Coercive Portal, but it’s also an effect that is just not necessary. I just want a strong opening and Golos is enough to make the game out of reach for the opponent; Smokestack or card draw is just a slow effect that doesn’t really matter in a lot of games. It’s all about leading the game with a Sphere or something and following it up with a Golos. Ultimately I removed the ineffective 1-ofs for the very effective Stonecoil Serpents in the challenge. I think that was a pretty good move given the dominance of Oko. Ensnaring Bridge continues to be clutch, so running two of those feels pretty good against Survival and Dredge as well.

I also boarded 4 Leyline of Sanctity which felt pretty smart in the Oath meta.


Defense Grid is very effective at pushing through threats like Golos as well as preventing Hurkyls/Force of Vigor.

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I'm playing in the Vintage champs this weekend but due to work and other personal commitments I haven't actually played the format since the most recent bannings. Given this I'm sleeving up an archetype that I have experience playing in past formats - Uba Stax being one of the contenders.
Is the consensus that desolutionist's take on deck is the most balanced given a large event like EW? It seems strange to me to play an Uba Stax-like deck without Uba Mask/Bazaar/Smokestack.
Also, how is the God-Pharaoh's Statue? If I recall correctly there was another 6 mana artifact that nullifies planeswalkers completely from a recent set but I can't think of the name of the card to save my life. That seems likely to have more impact in several matchups.

@pmelies that would be The Immortal Sun

@blindtherapy Thank you! It was driving me crazy.

I've played both versions and they both have their pluses and minuses. Deunan's list isn't really a Uba Stax deck at all. It's more a grindy sphere deck that uses Golos tricks. Not that it's bad, but if you are used to playing a Bazaar/Uba/Stax/graveyard deck, then this version isn't for you. I have liked God-Pharaoh's Statue when I've gotten it into play. A double sphere is cool enough. The one damage is not very significant but it is a good animate target for Karn. I think it's skippable but it's not bad. One thing I do really like about that build is that it has a reasonable chance to beat dredge game 1.

@trius it’s also good against survival and Oath. (Bridge/Tabernacle and Karakas). The main targets in Oath are Griselbrand and Niv Mizzit so Oath has little impact vs Karakas sometimes if you also have some other cards to go along with it. They could bring in Blazing Archon, but they’ll never trigger Oath if you have Leyline of Sanctity.

Keep in mind the Karakas + Golos combo. It’s built in late game card advantage.

I think part of the idea behind one Smokestack, one Uba Mask, etc is that through Golos and Inventors Fair you can theoretically tutor for whatever lock piece you need. I chose to just go more straight forward because that flexibility idea is kind of like wishful thinking. Most games are decided on turn one. Sphere, Chalice, Golos is probably wishful thinking as well. Also any true lockdown prison deck is going to be soft against Oko. You really need some Stonecoil behind your Revokers.

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Is Razormane Masticore just not good? I posted about it earlier, and I'll admit I have not tested, but on paper it seems so good for the meta. Providing a discard outlet outside of Bazaar, and being able to nuke opposing Welders, Wizards, Levolds/Dr Shamans, and just being a beat stick seems very strong on paper.

Masticore is a good card that is often suggested for such a deck. The synergies are pretty nice but often it does not pass the cut.
IMHO, in the upper curve there are better cards to use (namely golos but i would also probably use wurmoil or steel hellkite before it). It is also a bad topdeck and awfull when using uba/bazaar combo.
The main interest is that it provides a very efficient and nullrod-proof effect to ping creatures. That is strong enough and i often test it as a 2-of in sideboard.

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