Why are Modern Horizons cards so expensive?

@mike-noble The reason behind the price shock was deck building. I am trying to build a bant deck and I also wanted to play around with Wrenn and Six.

The most shocking cards are Teferi and Force of Negation, because they cost more digitally than they do in paper. I’ll have to pick a deck to play and just spend the money or not play.

On a side note, I know Magic is expensive. I buy paper cards regularly. MTGO offers a way to experiment with cards but the investment is higher than I think some of you are acknowledging here. It’s all fine and good this is a game and this is another way to play it but it was shocking to see those prices.

@smmenen Have you checked Force of Negation recently? It's over 50 tix... Force of Vigor is 16 tix and Collector Ouphe is 13 tix on Goatbots. Those are on par with Force of Wills (17 tix) and Wastelands (15).

The exploding price of MH1 and other recent sets on MTGO is a considerable source of discussion on twitter. The total set price is more expensive than it was during release week.

@mike-noble I re-read the post. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, I’m an on-again off-again MTGO player. I’m not complaining about MTGO here just shocked by the prices. I’ll take your advice and sell cards to get into some new cards.

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@mike-noble Progress is a very relative term here. I think that I have accepted that Vintage is mostly a digital format and that I can enjoy playing it digitally. To your point, there are parts that I don’t like and these discussions do help my understanding of how others use the digital platform.

Progress is slow but it is happening. 😀

@chubbyrain said in Why are Modern Horizons cards so expensive?:

@smmenen Have you checked Force of Negation recently? It's over 50 tix...

Yes, in my post I said the only two cards that are really any expensive are Wrenn and force of negation.

If you don't have the financial stability to buy expensive mtgo cards, then you are in luck, because there are multiple rental programs to take advantage of. You can in fact play with every card in existence for a relatively low monthly cost, something completely impossible in paper.

You can wait for the EOL announcement for MTGO and it's likely those database rows will get really cheap really fast.

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