The game is always changing and prior results matter or else we would be unable to measure anything every time a new set is released. We have heuristics for this.

I played against Precursor Golem in the challenge as well. I believe that same guy made top 4. It’s pretty good because usually the Shop player has some other threats like Phyrexian Revoker and/or Ravager in play already. Once they play Golem, you have to answer it immediately or die. I’d say Golem is better than this thing since it’s three bodies. I’m not to worried about a single vanilla x/3.

Maybe Shop players are playing Golem to meta against Force of Vigor and Collector Ouphe.

You can throw prior results with Shops out the window. It would be kind of dumb to play anything other than Forge/Karn if you were committed to Workshops prior to the restrictions.

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The game is always changing and prior results matter or else we would be unable to measure anything every time a new set is released. We have heuristics for this.

What's true in general is not necessarily true in all things.

Karn Forge Shops dominated the Shop pillar for the last few months. That's completely gone now, replaced by Shop Aggro. So no, we don't have recent 'data' on this particular point.

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And it's a giant beater that dies to bolt.

You mean like Precrusor Golem? Which I played against like 10 times last weekend...

Yeah, like precursor golem. But nothing like precursor golem. The comparison was with dumb beaters (more precisely 'why I would play it instead of Traxos'), which isn't the case about precursor golem as it's more like a 3 in 1 creature, which ironically also dies to bolt. 3 thoughness with no evasion seems bad. We see tons of creatures like that being released in every edition in green colors usually, and with every edition we see they getting bigger and cheaper and also not seeing relevant competitive play.

I never played Traxos' version of shops, but when I played against Traxos it was always a problem if I didn't have a win in 1 or 2 turns with survival. If instead it was this creature that dies to any of the 3 creatures without passing any extra damage to my face I'd be really happy. It's maybe a good card against creatureless combo decks.

@gutocmtt I am not a Shops expert but cards like this one, Traxos, Fleetwheel Cruiser are cards that can used as innovation pieces. Currently, aggro Shops does not play equipment. Could that change? Also, the modern shops decks are all colorless but a card like this can use Fling to win a game or a card like Fling. Just some thoughts.

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As someone who's played a lot of Cranial Plating I think this card can probably close out a game faster than it looks. There's no doubt this doesn't have the raw power and flexibility of Workshop staples like Arcbound Ravager and Walking Ballista, but it could serve a role in matchups where racing is more important than resiliance (combo? the mirror?). This works at full capacity under a Null Rod and could be a piece in the Null-Rod-Shops deck/transformational sideboard that's been slowly bubbling below the surface for years.

I'm not a shops player, but it seems like Darksteel Juggernaut is a good point of comparison here

If it had a home it would be aggro Null Rod shops, which hasn't proven in the past few years to be better than Ravager / Ballista shops. Porcelain Legionnaire probably bests this thing.

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