You could just output the distribution of options.

@vaughnbros the options are slightly dependant on what cards were kept earlier in the mulligan process of course when bottoming cards with ponder and then mulling the powder hand. in terms of what the average options are, given a 58 card deck where one bazaar and one OUAT are accounted for, that's easy enough.


Well it would be interesting to explore the best cards to bottom during the powder process, but I think that would have a pretty small impact on the distribution of available cards with this.

Not for nothing but in addition to the bazaar math this card can also get you closer to the single dredge 6 the list still has, which is another value to consider.

@protoaddict or quicker to a dredge 5, yes. it also makes hollow one more common, depending whether you'd pick it over a dredger or not.

I like this card more in a redundant creature/hatebear deck with elvish reclaimer because you could find lock pieces or something like cavern on turn 1 for free. That seems huge in a deck like that at fixing the first couple turns while not being dead as a top deck on turn 7. Basically you get to have 7 cards out of the top 12 instead of the normal 7 out of 7. Seems great to me.



Dredge can be built with Depths and Reclaimers pretty easily. It’s more typically similar to a post board configuration of one of Adam’s lists.

Fair, but I think this is more of a game changer for a deck like hatebears/GW Humans because it gives a deck that previously had no early game fixing access to it. Dredge isn't struggling for a draw engine the way dudesmatter.dec is.

Yes, getting a draw spell that’s similar to preordain, but doesn’t cost early mana is nice for all of these Bazaar + Hate Bear decks since 1-drop is pretty devoted to either Bazaar or a Deathrite.

@vaughnbros you're forgetting 3-4 Deafening Silence. That's another new 1-drop I run.

In regards to dredge decks. Is it safe to assume that you can take out Dredgers and put in some Once Upon a Time in place of those dredgers since it will find dredgers or and additional Bazaar of Baghdad? If so maybe 4x Shambling Shell, 1x Golgari Grave-Troll and 2-3 Once Upon a Time (maybe Hogaak too) may be enough to bring back Force of Vigor back to the Main Deck from the Side Board.

@daniel-worobec I can't imagine playing a card like this as a 2-3x. it's like leylines.

Do you know how many people I see in other formats playing 2-3 Leylines, it's mind numbing.

I’m not sure that’s accurate. In Dredge, certainly, but in Survival? 2 might be the right number.

@daniel-worobec said in [ELD] Once Upon a Time:

In regards to dredge decks. Is it safe to assume that you can take out Dredgers and put in some Once Upon a Time in place of those dredgers since it will find dredgers or and additional Bazaar of Baghdad?

You are not casting them with mana, so unless you open with one after a bazaar they are just pitch fodder, unless riftstone portal falls in to favor in a big way.

I suspect the only time you take a dredger with these is actually when you whiff on finding another bazaar, so no I do not think you can cut dredgers in any substantial number to accommodate this as a matter of fact you likely want to keep the count high enough to ensure you hit one if you whiff on bazzar in the first place.

4 is the correct number in almost every deck that wants them. This is actually better in multiples than leylines since it’s actual mana cost is only 2.

This is worse in multiple than leylines because only the first is free

This is better in multiples because it is green, and force of vigor is a card.

A 2nd Leyline is literally a duplicitous effect or Bazaar fodder. The only thing a 2nd one dies is guard from single target removal (and FoV hits 2). There are few cards with lower value. This is not one of them.

@serracollector said in [ELD] Once Upon a Time:

Have people not considered this for Hermit Druid decks? With the new Mulligan rule and this, getting a turn one Hermit (especially with 4-8 Guides) seems very strong.

I play a Hermit druid deck, and I'll be testing some number of these. Hermit druid decks can already mulligan aggressively, so I see this card as an interesting option.

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