The real big brain play is getting Energy Flux with this.

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Fast mana has always been restricted. Any card they print that uses the unrestricted fast mana is going to be too good.

Whether or not I agree with anything anyone is saying, I like the sentiment that Survival of the Fittest is too good because Elvish Spirit Guide is unrestricted.

Yeah and Gemstone Caverns too. Way too good.

Mishra's Workshop is fine though because it only casts artifacts...

@full-rod They activate it in their upkeep with the Flux trigger on the stack and then you get it back only to be sad when they don’t pay 2 mana.

Better to get Null Rod. Not only does it shut off the card we are supposed to be discussing after you activate it, but it also shuts off all the off-topic fast mana people are complaining about in this thread. It’s a win-win.

This card seems better in Legacy where tutors are at more of a premium and even if your opponent stops you and gets to activate witch-thingy, you don’t lose the game because they don’t go and grab vintage cards.

I think this card + PO/hurkyl's as an engine seems stronger than anything you will be doing in legacy. I do think it will have an impact in legacy though.

A lot of people here are talking about the ceiling of this card, and what they might do in the better situations where this card is an option. I think I wouldn't want to see this card very often in most decks. 1B + 1 mana that gets affected by artifact removal, Null Rod, Ouphe, etc., and gives a Demonic Tutor (at instant speed during one's turn) for 1 colorless mana to your opponent the turn after you activate it is not a valuable topdeck unless you have a great hand and/or board. Usually I want to have a card that is good when the game isn't going well for me, and good when the game is going well for me. I think the card is cool, but I don't imagine it would be as great as some seem to make it out to be. I would prefer to be wrong here.

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I think in the worst case scenario it’s similar to a Sensei’s Divining Top. Top is also effected by Null Rod but still continues to be a Vintage staple. Typically a turn one Top is played with two mana so that you can rearrange the top 3 before your next draw. If you play Wishclaw on turn one with 2 mana, on your next turn you can get whatever card you want for 1 mana. This would be awful in a deck like Xerox that can get Ancestral at best, but in any deck designed to take advantage of its capabilities it could be getting a combo component of an instant kill. Compared to the next best unrestricted tutor options, Dark Petition and Grim Tutor, it’s more upfront cost effective. It’s also significant to TPS that it costs two mana, since those decks are otherwise without a decent turn one, two mana play.

@full-rod if you topdeck this in a topdeck war you probably win the game on the spot. Just like DT.

We spent an hour on this card in our podcast recording last night.

@smmenen I hope that's a signal to order my playset.

I’m definitely excited to try this card on mtgo.

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Well, I look forward to Outcome getting restricted.

Does it make more sense (with Karn) to have 3 Wishclaws main with 1 side, or 4 main?

hmm, I guess if you have karn main, I would rather have 1 sideboard? Since they are pretty close to each other in functionality. It depends on the deck though.

I started testing this tonight in DPS and it seems pretty good, although its susceptibility to Sorcerous Spyglass and Revoker type effects is a thing.

@stasis_kismet did you cut DP for it? Did you use anything like keys to break it more? Would love to see your list


I’m on 2 wishclaw and 2 DP though my impression has been that DP is just better besides being able to Tinker for Wishclaw or getting around Lavinia.

My list isn’t too exciting, I just cut a couple Dark Petitions for Talismans to see what would happen. I left one DP in because just thinking about it I feel like Wishclaw Talisman is conditionally better and conditionally worse. After playing with it I still think that. Playing and activating Talisman on the same turn (for 3) seems solidly worse than DP. I think the real value would be in running out Talisman early and then activating it a bit later, but that opens you up to interaction.

Not sure what I’ll change for the next time around. I went 3-2 in a league with it.

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