Man... "sacrifice a food" is going to really irk me this block. I had a feeling this was going to end up being the templating, but seeing it on the card is another thing.

@dstinct said in [ELD] Cauldron Familiar:

Man... "sacrifice a food" is going to really irk me this block.


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Three time Vintage Champs top 8 competitor Ryan Glackin and I have a running gag that both he or I will order too much food at a restaurant from time to time and give a multiplier to the amount of food we're eating versus how much we should be eating. This started back in 2009 when Ryan ordered two full entrees from a pizza delivery service and I asked him why he ordered "two foods". Since then we have gone back and forth ranking how many foods each other orders and important philosophical arguments such as "how many foods does one eat during a visit to a churrascaria?".

Additionally, Ryan Glackin collects any and all cards that are either non-anthropomorphic cats or are spells that feature non-anthropomorphic cats. Playing into an example of the latter, he uses a Harmless Offering playmat.

This is Ryan Glackin's invitational card.

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