Nah. I have a good relationship with Brassman. I'll behave. If you recall, the last time I was on TMD I was actually posting well... it was poor use of word in the NYSE Trash talk thread that got me.

@Lodestone Hi Dr. Lodestone!

@ZebraUnicorn said:

Dental Plan

Lisa needs braces!

Welcome to the new TMD everyone!

Bringing vintage back, one site at a time. Well done @Brass-Man ! =D

@Soly Welcome back :).

I have decided in the interim to return to The Mana Drain. I hope that this decision is not a poor one and that we as a community can respect each other. Much respect to Brassman.

It's pretty nice around here. Looking forward to hanging out here again. Hello everybody.

So good to have tmd up again. Thx Brass Man for your great work.

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This place is awesome. Is this "Beyond Dominia"?

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@matori I like to think of it as "Beyond Beyond Beyond Dominia"

@Brass-Man indeed this is IT! You done great job here.

I just wanted to give a big shout-out to Brass Man for the work he has done and will surely continue to do on this site.
Cheers, Andy!

Yay my first post! Fun buns is outta control!!!!

The site looks great brass man! Thanks for your hard work.

Is this the thread where we try to get dubs?

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