Play-through video: James plays BUG Midrange with Roland Chang

Hey folks,

First time poster on TMD, despite being a longtime member of The Source. My name is James Hsu, I'm the co-founder of CardBoard.Live and creator of the Humans of Magic podcast.

A few years ago I interviewed Roland Chang for Humans of Magic. We kept in touch. Fast forward to March 2020. In the midst of COVID-19, I decide to step into Vintage for the first time AND catch up with Roland. 2 birds, 1 stone.

Here's our playthrough together. I run Roland's 75. He tells me how to actually play the deck. Much fun was had.

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Recorded March 23, 2020


2:47 BUG Midrange -- deck overview
5:38 Roland Chang -- background
9:00 Match 1 vs. Golos Stax
46:40 Match 2 vs. 4c Control
1:42:35 Match 3 vs. Dredge
2:17:12 Match 4 vs. Paradoxical Outcome
2:40:53 Match 5 vs. Jund Walkers
3:23:05 Post mortem & tweaks to decklist
3:29:32 Bonus analysis -- BUG Midrange lists

This is so cool! Really enjoyable to hear two smart people talk through the league like this. Hope you enjoyed making it.

@brass-man I loved making the video, and Roland is always great to talk to. In fact, I've played quite a number of matches since this video, so I would say that I have officially gotten hooked on the format 🙂

Just wanted to say this was a terrific watch. Really informative and insightful discussion that I found really entertaining and valuable. Would love to see more stuff like this.

cool to see our match from your perspective. Sorry it had to go time. I probably would have conceded if I wasn't so salty from trying to run through a league with jund.

Thank you all for watching! Just recorded another League with a friend, this time on PO, and looking forward to releasing soon.

Advance warning that the play wasn't super high-caliber (99% me), but the series is meant to introduce decks to new players, so appropriate 🙂

@ian-mars No worries! MODO clock is fair and part of the game, I didn't mind at all.

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