5/28 - Westmont, NJ - Top Deck Games May 1k

  • Didn't see this on the board, so I figured I should get it up sooner rather than later.

    Details on Facebook

  • I didn't make it out of the store with the decklists (they needed them to stock and vend NYSE), but the finals was a split between Dan Miller on Mentor and Greg Fenton on what I think was OathStill since I saw Forbidden Orchard, Strip Mine and Mishra's Factory out at the same time. Greg defeated Josh Butker in the semis who was on Doomsday (no noticeable changes from his BMG list) and Dan defeated Will Dayton on Thought-Knot Shops in the semis (also his BMG list). Other than Greg Fenton defeating Michael Long in the quarterfinals (Delver) I don't know/recall how they played out.

  • Here is what I tell players when they want to see their decklist, between rounds at events, take a picture of it on your phone! So next time, might I suggest to you good sir, take a picture of the lists you wanted to take home with you to post here, blog about, or whatever you wanted to do with them! It was good to see you again on Saturday!

  • @serberoth There are other factors I can't divulge as to why things were carried out the way they were. It was good to see you too!

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