The best format in Vintage history ...

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To me, there will always be a breaking point between 1-71 and 72-present. The community as a whole felt like it fundamentally changed during that point, with big faces leaving a new big faces starting to get their footing in the format. Due to this I'll always look upon 71 fondly, even if it was inherently broken.

I'm surprised @Protoaddict hasn't ventured into this thread yet. I'm curious what their favorite era is.

I'm a fan of the format from around 2012-13. Thats more for personal reasons than anything else but the things i remember about the format at the time:

  • It still felt like you could brew and tinker with new creations, I Played Dredge a the time and remember having a zealot list, a sun titan list, and a griselbrand list and all felt like they had pros and cons. There were still variant shops decks including stax and forgemaster and decks using blue were a wide mix.
  • I think this is also right around when standard sets and new releases really started to have an impact on the format, so if you paid attention you could often find an edge before others.
  • The meta was wide open. There were blood moon decks, non ritual mono black decks (they had a name and I cannot remember it for the life of me), storm combos, all sorts of stuff.

That was also the year I finally reclaimed a lot of the cards I had lost when I went off to college. Got my lotus and my moxen back and traded in my bazaars for the rest of the power so I could play something new and not proxy.


Should Standstill be added as a "Notable Printing"?

@ace-hunter said in The best format in Vintage history ...:


Should Standstill be added as a "Notable Printing"?


I'd like to say that I really enjoyed Magic from 17-26. I had all the power cards with the exception of a Black Lotus.

You have the Prosperity deck but you did not include the Fastbond Storm Cauldron deck. That is what put Fastbond on the restricted list for 20yrs. That was a crazy and fun deck, you win the game with a negative life total ๐Ÿ™‚

27 was Urza Saga and it was extremely unfun and broken. That is when I met my wife and took a break.

When I did comeback in the Keeper era - 44 and 45 should be the Keeper era at least in the Mid-West. I really enjoyed the Gush era 47 and 48 were very fun. I finally got my Lotus and ditched Workshops during 53.

What happened to Dragon Combo @Smmenen, I played @Shaman-Ben so many times on it before Storm took over and Dredge killed Dragon.

I do not remember 59 as the most diverse Vintage. That is when Control Slaver took over Vintage and I know Brian Demars dominated with that deck. I just took a break from magic at that point.

I came back again around 77-78 and I liked the meta. This is probably my favorite Vintage from 79 to 83. I remember playing you @Smmenen at Win-a-Mox tournament where I placed 2nd and you placed 1st and we were both on Grow/Gush decks.

I have enjoyed most of the Vintage meta even the Trinisphere meta was not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. I was able to have fun and play at a high level.

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@smmenen said in The best format in Vintage history ...:

@protoaddict Which periods, precisely?

Did not realize there were rules to this. 87 -92 is my sweet spot.

@protoaddict said in The best format in Vintage history ...:

@smmenen said in The best format in Vintage history ...:

@protoaddict Which periods, precisely?

Did not realize there were rules to this. 87 -92 is my sweet spot.

Well, @Brass-Man did lay them out in the OP ๐Ÿ™‚

73-76. The emergance of all the vault decks was a joy to me.

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