another cranial extraction effect in the 3 mana range. better than lost legacy, maybe. can hit lands, but not basic ones. compare to unmoored ego, which hits lands but gives card draw(also only hits 4 copies, but that doesn't matter much here)

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@blindtherapy I don't think this is playable in many decks because anything that's a 4x leaves them with 4x zombies. That's a clock. However, it's decent at hitting singletons, and if you want trigger your oath...

Oko is likely just better in oath, though.

@Thewhitedragon69 They only get Zombies for cards in hand. Naming a 4 of that they have in hand and not have played yet (sans FOW maybe?) is a very low number, as most 4 of's are super cheap, and put into play ASAP.

I don’t know if this is better than sadistic sacrament. The upside of this is you get to look and possibly hit their hand but sacrament hits any card. What to do?

@serracollector Ahh, didn't see that. I still think I'd rather cranial extraction, sadistic sac, or slaughter games in almost all cases. Better yet, duress/seize + surgical/extirpate.

Fringe playable in Oath?

@hardy said in [m21] Necromentia:

Fringe playable in Oath?

I'm not sure what matchups it would help against, though? 1BB is a tall order, especially in the early game, since you probably don't want to be running Bayous. And Lobotomy effects have the usual problem of being very weak unless you have special knowledge of what cards are currently in their hand, or your opponent's deck has a linchpin that hamstrings your opponent's strategy if removed.

Currently Oath struggles against faster combo decks, e.g. Doomsday and PO. Necromentia on Doomsday is probably game-winning but resolving a 1BB spell before they go off strikes me as too unreliable to be a sound strategy. The card likely fares better against PO but again I worry that it's just too slow.

I don't think this is an airtight argument, but hasn't this never worked before? This is a really common sort of effect and it's never strong. I can think of individual events where someone did well with Jester's Cap or Sadistic Sacrament, but in very specific decks, performing a specific function that this card can't (hitting different card names), and none of those decks were successful for more than a tournament or two. Even when these sort of cards see fringe play (Surgical Extraction), I think people tend to bring them in and cast them way more often than they should. I've run Cap, Sacrament, Extraction (and believe it or not, one time Extract), but I think they're only correct in really niche situations, with advantages that this card doesn't have. This registers as a bulk rare to me.

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