Been playing with card designs, mainly for Modern/Pioneer, and came up with a card that might be good across the board, but not particularly broken (I don't think).

My main concept was to design a card that could ramp to 4 mana on turn 2 in Pioneer, but would come at the expense of being vulnerable and costing your turn 1 without being reusable. It would also be useless in tron builds in modern, mostly, as it needs colored mana to cast and takes up the time needed for turn 1 map/stirrings.


My thoughts are make it black to cast and activate as a throwback to Dark Ritual

The last sentence should be changed to something like:

Add 3 mana of any one color used to pay Mana Incubator's mana cost.

The second sentence doesn't really work under the rules:

Mana Incubator's mana cost must be paid with mana of any color.

However if you delete this sentence I think it would work as you intended: you could activate its sacrifice ability, but the ability would do nothing if no mana was paid to cast the Incubator, or if you paid with colorless mana.

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