Thanks, I'm looking into Oops all spells right now. This was helpful.

Is it even fair to call that deck beltcher when at it's core it is really just a PO deck?

I'm not saying beltcher always has to be a suicide rituals deck like it has in the past but where is the line on this? It seems to me that PO is even more important to the function of the deck than the DFC's, at least the deck posted.

@protoaddict to my knowledge, PO has been a card in belcher since the card was printed. the deck previously just played Academy as a land, and the chrome moxes are not a normal feature of non-belcher PO. if belcher was a separate deck from PO before, which to the degree it existed I'd say it was, then it continues to be so now.


The deck is not by any means at it’s core a PO deck. If PO was the goal we would play lands for starters. That’s like arguing DPS is a xerox deck just because it plays the full cantrip suite. Cards can be good in multiple decks at once.

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Fun fact: The first build of Belcher to post results post-ZNR was @notmi's (link here: The reason that @notmi chose Silundi Vision over Sea Gate Restoration was entirely card availability. The fact that builds using the tapped castable counterspell are succeeding over the untapped win-more spell is more of a Bob Ross happy accident situation and not a conscious choice.

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