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Archive Trap

Helping your opponent stock their graveyard is always a rather dubious strategy in Vintage, but wow, mill 26 for 0 is certainly efficient enough to deserve respect.

I am also a fan of this archive trap plan.

@botvinik Good in combo with ravenous traps to avoid shnanigans.

Oh, I also, if I read this right, if you use this with Sea-Gate Stormcaster, the copy is of the spell is not cast, so it will resolve no matter what. That's a potential of 9 Bolt damage for 3 mana. That could be some nice tempo play.

@wagner you meant 3 mana, right? And that's not counting Krark himself., which would be 9 damage for 5 mana and 3 cards...

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Dreadhorde Arcanist also works really well with this card since if you lose the flip it doesn't get exiled due to how Arcanist is templated.

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