Since there is no commander in vintage, that means there are 0 colors of your "commander's color identity," right? So in vintage, this is just a land that taps for colorless and has "3T: draw a card," yes?

Maybe playable, maybe not, but it seems this is the cheapest effect of this kind on a land without discard, making your opponent draw, or having other conditional hoops to jump through to draw a card.

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They have already stated this doesn't work in non Commander formats. There will likely be a rules update in the release notes.

@lienielsen said in [CMR] War Room:

There’s actually a black land with this effect already.

I don't think the castle is directly comparable, otherwise we may as well put Library into this equation.

I actually think this card is really poorly worded since it is meant for casuals. The rule now is that you cannot pay the life in non commander fomats since X equals N/A, not 0. Most people, especially casual players, intuitively do not get that since the cards design is meant to reward you for fewer colors, and colorless commanders are in fact 0. There are also other instances in this game where N/A does equal 0 like with As Foretold.

This is a poor ruling band-aiding a sloppy templating mistake, IMO. If you don't have a Commander, clearly there are no colors in its color identity.

@lienielsen The 1BB vs 3 is a big difference. Also enters tapped without the condition met and costs life. The thing with War Room is it SHOULD just be a "Jayamdae Tome land." But saying that you need a commander for it to work is BS to me.

This card is so awful. Not only is the effect awful, but the whole Commander only thing is just excessive levels of awful. At least make the card good in Commander, if that's the only place that I can play it.


It is good in commander. My kozilek deck and my mono decks both will really enjoy playing this. Especially mono white.

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