Does this apply to leasing cards on MTGO? I'm always looking for a better deal there.

Why does this keep happening?

@botvinik said in Which companies provide the best lease administration services?:

Why does this keep happening?

The forum has open registration, bots exist, and Andy has [probably] has better things to do than checking for spam posts daily.

@thecravenone maybe not BETTER things, but yeah. It's a manual process and I don't always catch the bots right away. Honestly people have been so well-behaved from a moderation standpoint lately that I've been comfortable going longer and longer between checking in.

There are steps I can take to reduce bot signups (like adding extra friction to registration), but so far I've felt like it's been infrequent enough for me not to worry about it. If the general TMD community thinks it's getting out of hand, I can try and take some action toward preventing it.

If it looks like I haven't noticed a spam post for a while, or something needs to go down RIGHT NOW, I might be more likely to notice a Tweet @tmdBrassMan , unfortunately the site's emailer has been broken for a while so I only see reported posts when I actually log in, I won't get an email or notification on my phone or anything.

@brass-man maybe just add a question like "what card draws three cards and puts 2 back for 1 mana" that any magic player can answer but bots won't have a stock response to.

@blindtherapy yeah I think that's probably the best approach. So far I haven't felt like spambots show up frequently enough to justify figuring out how to implement that on the site, but if the volume keeps rising then it'll become worth it

I for one am fine with it and find it infrequent enough that it amuses rather than irritates me.

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