Post your ridiculous Vintage pics! From MODO, Paper, or wherever!
Feel free to say as much or as little about them as you want!

0_1606943679425_turn 2 win with vintage list.JPG

And then the opponent dropped Workshop+Ensnaring Bridge? 😄

I think any time there's a turn 1 tinker into citadel, there's a ridiculous board state compared to the opponent sitting with a hand of 7 just waiting to die.

Love that thread idea

I didn't screen shot it but I had a game in eternal weekend where
Op) Ancestral
Me) Ancestral
Me) Brainstorm
OP) Dig Through Time
Me) Flusterstorm

I thought that was pretty cool.

In the heyday of fatestitcher dredge, I'd often get a board state of triple stitcher and about 30 zombies into a flamekin zealot off of bazaar + lion's eye diamond opener, while my opp just stared at his opening 7 and frowned.

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@botvinik That sounds like one of the most valuable flusters

It was the best flusterstorm I had ever cast that did not directly win me the game. 9 card swing.

I've got a bunch of these stored up, I'll drop a couple of my favorites.

0_1607049033736_draw 6.PNG

0_1607049268425_slightly dead.PNG

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@notmi These are fascinating care to offer any insight into how they happened?


First one was before the companion nerf, I was trying hard to find a way to make the anti lurrus playable. My solution was leylines, golos, worksops, and trinisphere. Second was a nice op that didn't scoop to me going off with mono red storm. I'd already tutored like 6 cards from my board with a wish and had 30 cards in hand or something.

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