Welcome back! (Re) Introductions

  • Hey there, I've been part of TheManaDrain for at least 10 years. Live near Concord, NH and play Vintage with the best players in and around Massachussetts/NH. Getting married, old, and broke has slowed the amount I've played recently, but have recently come out of a 2 year break and hope to be more active in the community if time permits!

    Oh yeah I really like playing EDH

  • Hello, I'm Jonas from Switzerland, going by the internet name of "PETER FLUGZEUG".
    I figured the username can be peterflugzeug as well...
    I don't have too much time to play magic, as I have quite some real-life stuff going on, for example my band Europa: New Ease.

    Nevertheless, I love vintage!
    My biggest experience is in a deck called Bishop's painter (BP) which I developed with my brother, as well as playing gush decks and mean combo/control brews.

    My first "good deck" was madness. mongrel, rootwalla, circular logic.

  • Hi, my name is Nick, and I'm a recovering Shop pilot...

    Still alive!

  • Hi,

    I'm also FirstLevelMagic on mtgo. I play terribly, but I love it. I can build at least a deck or two
    in every pillar except Null Rod on mtgo, so if you see me on and want to test something out, hit me up, and I'll try to play less terribly.

  • Good Morning Everyone!

    My name is Russell, from Michigan and just starting to get into Vintage. I have been playing since around Ice Age and like most people, had a hiatus where the collection was sold. Been back in the game for about 5 years now and looking forward to hopefully finding more Vintage folks' from SE MI.

  • @Brass-Man he also like the taste of hazy homunculi

  • Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is J O S H...

    I went by Vartemis on the old boards. I think I joined there just before Mirrodin dropped as I was just getting back in and had no idea what to do with all my old cards. I started playing the tail end of Unlimited. I took a break from Mercadian Masques to Judgment, then bought a case of Mirrodin and was hooked again. In that time I've played Oath (before Orchards were a thing), MonoU with Supermen, UbaStax, Dragon, and lots of Slaver in its heyday. I have dredge and Demon Oath sleeved up, but I usually just play on Cockatrice now.

    I ended up having to move to St. Catharines, Ontario for work (I'm a technical director for an animation and VFX studio), and there isn't much of a Magic scene here, let alone Vintage. My stuff just sits in the closet as I can't bring myself to sell it. Magic for me now is lurking here, watching Cockatrice games on the tv and building skins for it ( Example ).

  • Hey, everyone. This is LandDestroyer on most sites - MrPractical1 on Reddit, but most of you from the high end group know me as Chris G. I'm a mod on ManaLoop and will just paste my Intro from there:

    Hey, everyone. This is LandDestroyer (Chris). You might remember me from such films as Mtgnews.com, MTGsalvation, MOTL, TheManadrain, TheSource, LiveJournal, MySpace, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, Instagram..wait no I'm not on there...Twitter, Imgur, MagicLibrarities, TappedOut, theMeadery, Starcitygames, tcgplayer/brainburst, anycraze.com, your best dream ever, Facebook, and that stall wall in your favorite bathroom.

    But I digress. I'm LandDestroyer and I have been on sites dating back 15+ years. On some sites I'm MrPractical sometimes with a # after that.

    I live in the midwest (Illinois/Wisconsin) area.
    Learned how to play (kind of) in 1998 in Louisiana. Started playing competively (kind of) in 2001 and did so through 2007. Took a break and then ramped back up in 2013.

    I play Modern, Legacy, Vintage, and limited. Since this 18 month rotation began I've dropped standard.
    Haven't gotten into Commander (only played a few games), 93/94, Pauper, etc but am interested.
    I've got a pretty decent knowledge of mtgfinance and you may know me as the Grim Lavamancer guy b/c of my global playset project.

    I play Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball...recently got into Texas Holdem, some video games including rockband/guitar hero. I got married in 2015 and definitely overachieved b/c she is awesome.
    I love to travel and have been to all 50 states. Next year I start knocking out other continents.

    Here are links to my information from other sites if you need to reach me elsewhere and at the end just random other links to my stuff.

    My Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/LandDestroyer/videos
    MtgSalvation Profile: http://www.mtgsalvation.com/members/5488-landdestroyer
    Old TMD Profile: http://www.archive.themanadrain.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=i2hre91bupakoggfqqjum0r9n6&action=profile;u=5804
    The Source Profile: http://www.mtgthesource.com/forums/member.php?2966-LandDestroyer
    Magic Librarities Profile: http://forum.magiclibrarities.net/forum/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=47571
    Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/chris.gregory.756
    Ebay Profile: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=christopherleegregory
    Reddit Profile: https://www.reddit.com/user/mrpractical1
    Imgur Profile: http://mrpractical.imgur.com/all/
    Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/ChrisLeeGregory
    TappedOut Profile: http://tappedout.net/users/MrPractical1/
    SCG Decks: http://sales.starcitygames.com/deckdatabase/deckshow.php?p_first=Chris&p_last=Gregory
    WOTC Mothership references me: http://archive.wizards.com/Magic/magazine/article.aspx?x=mtgcom/daily/af140
    WOTC Mothership references me: http://archive.wizards.com/Magic/magazine/article.aspx?x=mtgcom/askwizards/0303
    WOTC Mothership references me: http://archive.wizards.com/Magic/magazine/article.aspx?x=mtgcom/daily/mg119
    MTGTop8 lists: http://mtgtop8.com/search?player=Christopher+Gregory
    TCGPlayer decklists: http://magic.tcgplayer.com/db/deck_search_result.asp?Creator=Chris Gregory
    My First PTQ limited Top 8: http://www.pojo.com/magic/Featured Writers/Zandi/2004/2-13.html
    My first tournament after my 7 year break: http://pastimes.net/Post/886-SCG-Legacy-IQ-Top-8-Decks.html
    FB High End References: https://www.facebook.com/groups/477939485577313/for_sale_search/?forsalesearchtype=for_sale&query=chris gregory&referral_surface=direct_link&availability=sold

    Until the archived stuff comes back up I may not spend a lot of time on here. There were some threads I was following but didn't save off b/c I've been busy renovating my house.

  • Hello,
    Vintage is the only format I play and lately I have ramped up my activity for various reasons. I'm sure you'll see me around on the boards.

  • Hello, I am Carl (was already on TMD and on Beyond Dominia :-)
    I have been around for quite some time (started playing when Legends were around), collecting reports.
    The old ones are not searchable, the new ones can be searched.

    Enjoy !


    PS : thank you Andy for this rebirth of TMD, although I hope the archives will be soon back.

  • Hi, I'm Kenan. Started with Mercadian Masques, got the Vintage bug at Eternal Weekend 2012, bought some power shortly thereafter, and have been sporadically going to Philly area Vintage tournaments and GP side events ever since, as my schedule allows. I'm not a "regular", but I'm sure some of you have seen me around. I have approximately zero attachment to any specific archetype, and I think I've played them all at one point or another over the last few years.

  • Hi, my name is Ryan. I used to play Vintage regularly in Pennsylvania and the surrounding area several years back. Now I live in the middle of the country and hardly play any more. :(

    I was rbtabris on the previous incarnation of TMD but mostly lurked. I have the cards to play Vintage on MTGO… I guess I should probably try learning the interface at some point.

  • Hi,

    My name is Joep. I'm from the Netherlands and my name was Ulthrion on the old boards. Occasionally posting, but mostly lurking.

    I play Vintage, commander and prereleases. Currently (and mostly) playing The Deck, although I'm not a very active player. I started vintage because of The Deck and it gave me my only 1st place finish (and mox sapphire) in a tournament.

  • Hello, I am Dave. I played Vintage back in the early 2000's in the Eastern Pennsylvania/Blue Bell/Allentown/Philly area then dropped out in 2006. I have since shuffled through formats to settle in Legacy last year and the urge to go back to Vintage gripped me again. I like odd "fair"decks and currently pilot Bant Fish with some amount of Managorder Hydra in it. I like magic theory and just talking about the game.

  • Hello everyone! Serberoth here an L3 judge who loves some Vintage! Feel free to message me if you have rules or policy questions!

  • HI all!

    I'm Chad, a Vancouver (BC) eternal player. I played as a teen from about 1995-1998ish without ever getting truly competitive (despite having read The Schools of Magic). It was around 1998 when i realized a) that i'd have to buy power ($300 lotus and $80 Moxen) in order to truly play b) that Exodus was a real disappointment as a set and c) girls are now talking to me and smell good.

    Fast forward to 2010 and 2 years of singledom in the depths of graduate school—spotting Magic being played by a student of mine got me riiiiight back in.

    I began as a heavy Legacy player, but I've since branched out to American Commander with fellow aging magic hipsters, Duel Commander (and maybe some Canadian Highlander if it ever gets off the ground here), as well as proxy Vintage. Modern disappointed me to no end when i realized hard/reactive control decks 75s are reeeeally difficult to build, the storm deck is too slow, and they hate out combo-control with bannings. (RIP Scapeshift, Twin…)

    So, 12-proxy paper Vintage is a scene I'm trying to help develop here. MTGO is out until the day they ship a Mac OS X version. My love is for powered, tutor-heavy blue decks with combo finishes, but I'm forcing myself to build a few off-archetypal shops decks now that LSG is gone.

    IF you want a taste of Vintage in the Vancouver, BC area—DM me!!

  • Hey! I'm Tom (i_b_TRUE) on modo. Delver aficionado since he got printed
    Vintage is the format I enjoy the most and feel has the most skill intensive plays
    I play all other constructed formats EXCEPT STANDARD
    Vintage, Pauper, Modern, Legacy, EDH (competitive EDH only)

    Glad we are building an awesome community!

  • Hello all.

    I'm Erik and I'm currently residing in Texas. I've been playing on and off since The Dark with the help of my friends and around Ice Age was when I started to buy my own cards. I mostly lurk the forums and read various articles online. My area doesn't have much of a vintage scene and I don't have much of a collection to play vintage but I always find this format one of the most fascinating and compelling ways to play Magic. I mostly play limited and casual formats such as Type 4, cube, and the occasional EDH. I look forward to reading all the indepth discussions on this forum.

  • I am the same Meadbert as always. I have not been posting much, because I have not been playing much vintage, but I still play plenty of magic and read these forums regularly.

  • Hi everyone.

    My name is Hrishi. I've played in the North East for the past few years and I've only ever played Vintage. In fact I started playing MTG in 2013 and dived straight into Vintage. I have recently moved to Auckland, New Zealand. I'm hoping to be able to continue enjoying Vintage here. Oh, and I also love 93/94.



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