Welcome back! (Re) Introductions

  • Hi!

    My name is Maciek. I started playing Vintage somewhere around the second season of VSL. I play exclusively online as there is no way I'm going to afford paper cards or find anybody to play paper Vintage with. I usually don't play in dailies, because time zones (I'm from middle Europe). If you want to find me on MTGO, I'm maciek1618033 mostly in 2-player queues and TP rooms.

  • Hi y'all, long time lurker, long time player. I don't say much but when I do, I try to make it count online.

    Y'can find me around the net in various guises, most commonly some variant of Kaka. On Twitter @thekakastorm, of which most folks I've interacted with/met here would know. Been playing since the Ice Age, love travelling the world and playing vintage and EDH with people. If you're in Oz, hit me up for a game.

  • Hi all! Mark H. here, back out of retirement, figured it was a good time to fire up my TMD account again, luckily Womba was still available.

    Long live our Zombie and Eldrazi Overlords!!!

  • hi every one, i'm Jacob, and i've been playing vintage for roughly two years on cockatrice so i still consider myself somewhat new to the format. i play just about any deck but i put my own spin on it to make it my own, and sometimes it works, other times not.

  • Hello TMD! I've been a long-time lurker and recently "finished" building my Vintage deck, so now I'm on the hunt for any Vintage tourneys in Texas. Love Vintage and am excited to do battle!

  • Hi all, my name's Dave and it's great to see so many familar folks in the thread above. Been on TMD since I think 2003, now live and work in the DC area. Was an adept, mod, and admin on the old TMD and made a couple dozen top 8s with a fair number of wins back in my competitive days. Haven't played for a few years mostly due to personal and professional obligations. Still have my full set of P9 and staples in the closet and sometimes think about dusting them off. Love the look of the new and improved site, and happy to see the community thriving.

  • I'm Dustin... I live in the San Diego area. Started playing during Urza's block, but quit (selling all my cards, unfortunately) during Kamigawa. Used to play vintage exclusively. I was a very big fan of combo decks, especially belcher (even had some solid tournament results with it!). However, I played various control decks from time to time (often with a combo in it). Just started playing again in the other formats until I can get my way back into vintage... running a prison-style deck in standard and a fun budget storm deck in legacy to keep the vintage spirit in me alive. Trying to get the hang of draft.

    If you're in the SD area and/or would like to play on cockatrice/xmage, hit me up!

  • Hi, my name is Douglas McGrew and I'm a long time vintage player. I've been feldon808 since Beyond Dominia, and have left the game several times, but always come back. I currently live in San Antonio, TX and am looking to put together a group of people to play with here. I've been mostly a lurker in the past, but plan on trying to contribute more in the future. My twitter is mostly poker content, but feel free to give me a follow: @DouglasMcGrew Cheers!

  • TMD Supporter

    Hey everyone, my name's Jaris. I haven't played much Vintage lately, but was highly active in the Northeast scene back in the early-mid 2000s. I used to go by "JDawg" here on the old site. My results were never much to speak of, some top 8s here and there, top 16 at that double Lotus event back in 2004(?). I've been getting back into Vintage a bit more lately now that it's come to Magic Online, and particularly with Vintage Super League making it easy to stay more or less on top of what's going on in the metagame. I don't anticipate making it to many live events in the near future as most of my IRL Magic playing these days is reserved for Cube, but I wanted to get back into this really excellent community again.

  • @IzzetSpock what part of TX are you in?