How do we all feel about hullbreacher now that we have had an opportunity to play with it? The 2 most popular camps before seemed to be restricted and unplayable so h0w do you feel. I would make a poll but I don't know how or even if it is possible.

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I feel Hullbreacher should be banned for the crime of having a modern border.

@botvinik said in Hullbreacher:

The 2 most popular camps before seemed to be restricted and unplayable so h0w do you feel.

That seems problematic as the vast majority of cards discussed during spoiler season are neither restriction worthy or are they truly unplayable.

Hullbreacher has been right where I thought it would be, worse that Narset, better than Notion Thief/Spirit of the Labyrinth, good though hardly a candidate for restriction.

Are we asking if it is bannable because of powerlevel, or bannable along the same lines that Narset was banned, in that it was making games fall into the same play pattern?

@protoaddict I think hullbreacher is great, but it's not Narset-level in a couple key aspects. The flash and the ability to stop all draws during your turn (unlike narset letting the opp draw 1 on your turn) is really fantastic on HB. However, he suffers from more removal (push, plow) vulnerability and his ability to make mana is not nearly as good as Narset's ability to dig-through-time over 2 turns. Getting a free mana or 2 is nice, but getting the best 2 cards from your top 8 is far better. I think Narset's double-impulse doesn't get enough consideration when people think of her as just a draw stopper. Narset led to stale lines of play, perhaps, but her abilities and the fact that she was a PW made her really quite powerful. HB as a hatebear has different strengths, but it's basically a 3/2 flash bear vs a sorcery quasi-DTT when you negate their draw-stopping similarities. In MOST decks, you're going to want the quasi DTT over a 3/2 flash bear. Merfolk or some kind of hatebear deck being the clear exceptions.

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I don't think that that is a good or bad thing but it is how I at least perceived the opinions of most of the community.

Has anyone tested it in a landstill variant? I always used snappy in my versions, and sometimes just flashing in a dude, then dropping standstill was a win. With this guy, even breaking your own still could just give you 3 petals.

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