Vintage Unleashed MTGO Player Run League (12/26/20 - 1/3/20)

Vintage Unleashed League

Please note that the B&R list and match structure for this event is different than that used by Team Serious. The Power 9, Mana Crypt, Sol Ring, and Tolarian Academy are the only cards restricted. Don't run Gleemox - it says on the card that it's banned.

Event Type: League play consisting of five best-of-3 matches. Decks may changed between matches.
Dates: 12/26/20 - 1/3/20
Platform: Magic Online
Format: Vintage Unleashed
Restricted List:
- Ancestral Recall
- Black Lotus
- Mana Crypt
- Mox Emerald
- Mox Jet
- Mox Pearl
- Mox Ruby
- Mox Sapphire
- Sol Ring
- Time Walk
- Timetwister
- Tolarian Academy
Banned List:
- Gleemox
- Cards not available on Magic Online

Matches will be organized on the Vintage Streaming Community Discord -

The Magic Online Terms of Service and Code of Conduct prohibits the running of events requiring and entry fee. As such, the prize pool will consist of donations and everything collected will be returned in prizes to those who finish 3-2 or higher in the league. The tournament organizer (i.e. me) is not eligible for prizes. Donations are not expected or required - the purpose of this event is to promote an awesome new format and have as much participation as possible. If you need to borrow cards to participate, please let me know and I will do the best I can to accommodate you.

My contact information:

Matthew Murray
@chubby_rain1 on Twitter
chubbyrain#6461 on Discord
chubbyrain1 on


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This doesn't seem to have really gotten any attention on tmd, but I played in this, and many for fun practice games through the discord, and the format has been great so far. Lots of cards that can end the game on turn 1 obviously, but tons of counterplay and interesting deckbuilding decisions.

This was run in a league format, meaning we just played each other round robin when we had time, and no one was locked into a single deck. I played three different decks in my 4 matches, prison shops, hollowvine, and a turbo tinker deck.

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This format does seem really cool, I am sad I missed it.


While the official thing we did is done, if you tag me in the discord at pretty much any time I'd play. It's also the best place to hear about any future events.

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