@evouga You get 0 hate turn one if it is Misstepped, just saying. For most decks who would use this, 2 mana is not an issue turn 1. If anything the strike against this is that it is still an artifact and thus vulnerable to Force of Vigor.

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@lienielsen When you really need to save $1.50 on your Vintage deck.

Is this better than cage in a workshop deck?

@john-cox or sun titan it, play it off crucible, etc

@john-cox so did i. cage stops you from sun titaning/crucibling dryad arbor

Eh bro’s whatchu mean Vintage isn’t for budget players?

Vintage 4 every1

In all seriousness, with 10-15 proxy Vintage is the cheapest format to get into. And if I didn’t have any money, I’d probably want to play the maximum number of $1 Grafdiggers Cages/Weathered Runestone and then go from there.

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Usually not better than cage but if you have a lot of 2 card monte or storm in your meta it might make the cut if you are already running leylines to help conserve slots.

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