6/25 - Barcelona - LCV 2016 June Edition @ Mana Infinito

  • 6/25 - Barcelona - LCV 2016 June Edition @ Mana Infinito

    We already have the date of May's LCV edition! Thanks to Adam Subirana for the early announcement

    Mana Infinito Store
    C/Lepant 238-242 Local 10 (cross C/ Aragón)
    Underground: Monumental (L2) & Sagrada Familia (L2) (L5)
    Regristation starts at 10h (20.-€)
    BUDGET prize: 10€ from every budget player will go for a budget prize
    Organizes: Mana Infinito Store.

    Prizes to be determined

    No proxies allowed

  • Just an update:

    Both finalists of the tournament would have a bye and free registration for the Vintage Main Event of Madrid's MKM tournament (8th-10th of July). Another good reason to attend the tournament (if playing LCV is not enough, but of course it is!!!)

  • TMD Supporter

    Don't forget we have LCV next Saturday 25th at Maná Infinito Barcelona!

    You can follow the day live via Twitter:


    Let's see how the meta evolves after NYSE and EE4!

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