@thewhitedragon69 said in R/G/W Draw Engines?:

Pursuit of knowledge + scroll rack!

I don't think that actually works. Sylvan + Pursuit does, though. It was a Type 2 deck from decades ago.

Haven't seen magmatic channeler mentioned yet, that's probably the best red draw engine outside of dreadhorde while also playing blue.

Some other possibilities: Skullclamp, Palace Jailer, Wheel of Fortune

Land Tax- Scroll Rack is highly effective although it requires sacrifices both in mana base construction and in playing some number of cards that aren't good without the other piece and provide little additional value in duplicate.

@revengeanceful said in R/G/W Draw Engines?:

@lienielsen Sylvan is literally in the OP

It’s the only one worth mentioning

Fastbond + Courser of Kruphix + Horn of Greed

Mono green enchantress 😉

I ran Prophetic Flamespeaker in WR if you are trying to play a hatebears deck. That was awhile ago but it may still be OK. It also got around Spirit of the Labyrinth due to exile not true draw.

Spirit of the labyrinth is called hullbreacher now.

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